10 Life Lessons I Learned From Lizzie McGuire
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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was my ultimate spirit animal.

10 Life Lessons I Learned From Lizzie McGuire

Yesterday, January 12th, 2016, marked the fifteenth anniversary of the hit tween TV show, Lizzie McGuire. It's so weird to think that once upon a time I was a ten-year-old girl on the cusp of adolescence, watching Lizzie (my ultimate role model at the time) try and talk to the super hot Ethan Craft, stand up for what she believed in, get into fights with her best friends, fall into the wrong crowd, and even secretly wanting her and Gordo to be together - as well as her endearing awkwardness, individuality and the common occurrence of getting the locker door slammed into her face. So in honor of the ever so popular Disney Channel regular, I've decided to look back at some of the most well known and favored "Lizzie moments" that taught me a lot - and not just about growing up and being an awkward prepubescent middle schooler, but in life in general.

1. That age where you just want a bra.

The episode where Lizzie really wanted a bra when she was thirteen kind of prepared me for my moment and when I had to muster up the courage to ask my mom if I could go and get a bra of my own.

2. How having a boyfriend for the first time can mean the world.

We all remember the episode where Lizzie meets the paper boy in the neighborhood, Ronnie, right? He was this supposedly super cute boy next door with the Aaron Carter circa 2002 haircut who swooned Lizzie - and eventually became her first boyfriend ever. (I was really pissed off because I wanted her first boyfriend to be Gordo, I mean, c'mon!) I think this episode was really important because it taught young girls how monumental having a first crush and real boyfriend is. I could kind of relate to that time because when I was fourteen years old, I also had my first real full blown crush - and no matter how naive we are at that age, or how short lived those relationships are, they still matter a lot.

3. How easy it is to fall into the wrong crowd.

Lizzie had that "good girl" image through the entire run of the show - that was her persona. However, there is one episode entitled "Bad Girl McGuire", where Lizzie gets her first detention ever. During detention, she meets this rebellious girl whose attitude and bad behavior rubs off on Lizzie - resulting in Lizzie experimenting with a new style and forgetting about her best friends Gordo and Miranda. For awhile, Lizzie forgets who she really is, but this episode reminds us how anyone - young or old - can fall into the wrong crowd. It just takes a couple of amazing best friends to pull you out of that and reminder that you who you really are.

4. The importance of a relationship with your parents.

and sometimes, they are right - and they have really, really good advice. What I always loved about this show, is how Lizzie would typically avoid talking to her parents when it came to her chaotic pre-teen life; because the moments where she did ask her parents for some good advice, they were very crucial moments between parent and daughter. (Especially Lizzie and her mom. Remember that episode where they spent the day together and got pottery lessons?) There are a few episodes where Lizzie admits that her parents are actually pretty awesome, and they surprise her with how much she can relate to them in some aspects. They were once teenagers, too. But this always taught me that hey, parents actually know what's up, and they are on my side.

5. How friends always come before guys and popularity.

No matter what, best friends are first. The friendship specifically between Lizzie and Miranda was goals. The two had arguments, got jealous of each other when it came to other friends and other talents, but in the end, they realized that their friendship was ultimately important and nothing - not even a guy like Ethan Craft - could stand in their way. I remember always wanting a friendship like Lizzie and Miranda, just wanting someone who totally and completely "got me".

6. It's okay to not be part of the "popular" crowd and to be just like everyone else.

We all remember how Gordo was the "individual" throughout the series, right? Of course we do. Remember when he wanted to bring back the 1950s trends, phrases, lingoes, and all of the in between because he didn't want to be like everyone else? I think I learned a lot about this because I was never really popular in middle school and even in high school. I got along with everyone, but I still did my thing. Yeah, I dressed weird and I had different interests, but that only made me proud of who I was. Gordo never cared what people thought about him, and even though Lizzie and Miranda were busy often worrying about what Kate Sanders and her crew thought of them, Gordo saw right through all the cheerleader types and saw nothing but an insecure mean girl. Gordo did his thing, and if you don't mind me saying - I think of him as one of the earliest "hipster types" on TV. Or, at least on Disney Channel. He even said a million times throughout the show that he didn't want to be like everyone else and how he didn't want to conform!

7. Sometimes, the "right guy" is right in front of you the entire time.

One of the most popular things about Lizzie McGuire (and everyone should know this already) was Gordo and Lizzie's friendship . . . and how we all wanted that friendship to turn into a relationship. It took two seasons and a whole movie for Lizzie to realize that Gordo wanted to be more than friends. How oblivious can she be?!?! Well, then again, I'm even more oblivious. He was so sweet to her. He was there for her, he cared a lot for her, he saw the best in her, and when she was sad, he went down right with her. What this taught me was that sometimes, the person that you're looking for is right in front of your face. Whenever you're sitting around, constantly looking for "Mr. Right", you just have to get another glimpse. Gordo and Lizzie were something that I could take away from the show, just in case any of my best guy friends was secretly in love with me, too.

8. Some friends don't last forever. And that's okay.

Right at the beginning of the first episode ever of Lizzie McGuire, it's said that Kate Sanders was once upon a time part of Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda's posse. Instead, she drifted apart, became egotistical, as well as a snobby cheerleader. I think that this is good that the writers included this in the show because tweens need to know that it's normal for friends to drift apart once they start junior high - it's to be expected, actually. This being in part of the show made it that much more relatable.

9. Sometimes, the good looking guy is just that.

Ohhhh, Lizzie and Miranda's seemingly never-ending crush for the stud Ethan Craft! Throughout the show, Ethan was totally depicted as the "super hot and good looking guy with no brains", but that didn't stop all of the girls from flocking towards him. Some of his dialogue is so random and makes zero sense that it still makes me laugh out loud. Lizzie's crush for him was beyond humorous and relatable. We all go through that time where we infatuate over the cute guy who only sees us as the friend.

10. And then feeling like you'll never get a boyfriend . . .

Because you're too awkward, trip over your own sentences around them (or trip physically) and they just see you as a friend. I remember those days . . . Don't worry, Lizzie. You were basically my spirit animal.

*Bonus* Crimped hair was the coolest thing ever. Seriously, after watching Lizzie McGuire, all I ever wanted was Lizzie's totally awesome hair styles.

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