10 Times Harry Styles Broke Our Hearts
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10 Times Harry Styles Broke Our Hearts

Just a few of the million, adorable things Harry did that made us fall for him forever

10 Times Harry Styles Broke Our Hearts

Only two words. Two words that would forever suck you into deep hole of despair and laughter: One. Direction. You know what they say, "Once you go 1D, you'll never be sane again." No, really. I think all of us can relate when I say that being a fan girl/boy is one of the worst, yet best, things to be in life.

Here is a roller coaster of emotions for you: 10 times Harold has completely broken our hearts.

1. When he was born fresh out the womb, smiling, making us laugh and stealing our hearts all at once.

Like, could there be a cuter baby? I think not...

2. Who let the dogs out?

Shout out to that day when we were all blessed with the Scooby-Doo selfie. Ha, I think everyone died a little on the inside when this puppy was leaked.

3. Way back when the entire world got to see his beautiful, pre-pubescent self, curly head of hair, and precious dimples in his "X Factor" audition.

4. During the Up All Night Tour, when he shoulder thrusted and put 946 different, dirty thoughts into our heads.

Oh, and he ruined our lives entirely (in a good way).

5. When the boys went to Africa in support for Red Nose Day, saw all the children in need and Harry's emotions got the best of him.

Seeing him cry made us cry. The thought of him crying for the children in need only made us fall even harder for him and his sweet soul.

6. That one time, during an interview when he released the ever so infamous, "cupcake face," that we all love and adore now.

7. When our little sleeping beauty woke up ever so peacefully and said, "Got a show today" but it sounded like, "Gosh, you look hot today!"

Pretty sure all of us died, went to heaven, came back, watched it a few more times, then died again. Here is a link for your pure enjoyment once again.

8. On 1D Day when they finally showed the boys working out.

And all of our wildest fantasies came alive and provided us with endless amounts of new fan fic to enjoy! Harry murdered our entire existence, at this point in time.

9. That glorious day when he finally twerked for all of us at the Teen Choice Awards.

It wasn't exactly what we expected, but it still stole our hearts entirely.

10. Last, but not least, when he grew out his long, glorious locks, and after all that time, he decided to cut it.

But he cut it for charity so we can't get angry. Because after all, it is our sweet, kind-hearted baby, Harry, who is always thinking of others and maximizing the happiness of everyone he comes in contact with every day.

He went from being the sassy, hair flipping king, to still being our king -- just with shorter hair. And man does it look good!

I don't know about you, but I would without a doubt let Harry Styles break my heart for an absolute eternity. I love this man.

P.S. If you're reading this, and you're Harry Edward Styles, please slide into my DMs. Thanks, bye.

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