10 Thoughts You Have While Studying For Finals
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10 Thoughts You Have While Studying For Finals

The end is near

10 Thoughts You Have While Studying For Finals

The most stressful time of the year is here. You're done with classes now you just have to make it through finals. Time to start cramming everything you've learned this past semester. But how, as if that's even possible? Just remember that summer's almost here, you can do it!

1. "When did we learn this?"

You may have missed that class and forgot to get the notes or weren't paying attention when they were going over it. You better get them soon because chances are they will be in your final somewhere!

2. "Why couldn't they schedule our final earlier?"

No one likes having the last finals but sometimes it happens, trust me it's happened to me so many times. There's nothing that can be done about that. It's not the professor's fault, but rather the way the school schedules it. Just have patience and keep studying.

3. "How will I remember all of this by the exam?"

With so much information there's no way you will remember it all. But if you study some material at a time rather than all at once, it's likely that the material will stick.

4. "Why did I choose this major?"

I know it's hard now but just think in a few years time you'll be doing what you love and all that hard work would have paid off.

5. "Why didn't I drop this class when I had the chance?"

Probably because you need it for your major or you thought it would get easier as the semester progressed. You've made it to the end it's too late to be questioning this now.

6. "I wish I could've done better on the other exams!"

It's the end of the semester and somehow you have to pull off an A to pass the class. Now you have to work ten times harder to pull it off.

7. "When will this be over?"

Classes are over but now you have to get through finals and yet you can't seem to find the end. You will get through this! Stay hydrated, keep studying, get sleep and make sure to eat. We all get stressed but just remember you've got this!

8. "Why did they have to make it cumulative?"

It's the worst but it happens and there's nothing we can do but start studying early. Usually you find out about your final exam in the beginning of the semester that's when you should study a little bit a day or when you have time. It's okay we'll get through this!

9. "My head hurts!"

We all feel like this at some point while studying, maybe it's time to take a break then.

10. "Can it be summer already!"

Honestly summer can't come fast enough; we've worked so hard this past semester we need this break!

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