10 'Thoughts Of Dog' Tweets That Speak To Your Spring Semester
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It's at the point of the semester where we are giving ourselves bangs out of the end of the semester panic, you're so exhausted you're crying over everything, you're saying inappropriate things because you're sleep deprived and you're hanging on by a thread.

Some people say they love this time of the year, so close to summer and the beach, and others are like me who is questioning everything and anything. No matter how much I sleep at night it is not enough, I want to nap all the time, and I can't drink enough milkshakes and eat enough Chipotle.

I didn't come across Thoughts of Dog until a couple of months ago, and I never thought I'd relate to a dog so much when I'm sober, drunk, or at my breaking point during my second semester of this school year.

When you stay up until 3 a.m. and have to be at the library when it opens


Day light savings is always a nightmare as a student and we never know what to do with ourselves.

In the middle of the library you start crying 


When you cry over everything now and need to be held at all times.

Contemplating binging Netflix or write your 5 papers 


I've never knew I'd relate to a tweet by a doggo.

When you're speaking in grunts because you have no brain cells left


Now a days I can't form sentences let alone words.

When the sun finally comes out and you force yourself outside to get Vitamin D 


Maybe doing homework won't be too bad if you stay in the path of the sunbeam.

Passing dogs on campus and getting emotional 


Don't get me wrong, I always cry when I see a dog on campus. But right now there are like six dogs walking the mall at all times and it's making me extremely emotional.

When the world is crashing down but you still have unconditional love for your friends 


Sometimes you need to know you are loved after a long bad day.

When you're trying to be inspirational to get work done 


This is my type of inspirational talk I give myself while doing my make up in the mirror.

When you're in a good mood and treat yourself with sunshine


Go outside and try not to be hit by Frisbee boys.

When you wake up from a nap and tell yourself you can finish the work later


Now a days I feel like all I'm doing is napping whenever I can. Today, I feel like going into hibernation.

I know the running theme in this article is sleep but let's be honest. We're exhausted from just getting dressed in the morning, and are barely making it to the last couple of weeks of classes. I sure know I'm dragging myself to class and my legs have felt like they've stopped working by just walking a short distance.

Hang in there everybody and think like this dog, the sun is out, the semester is almost over, and let's all take a nap.

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