10 Things You'll Know All Too Well If You Were A Pom In Highschool

10 Things You'll Know All Too Well If You Were A Pom In Highschool

Poms: The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Nicole Hanneman

Being a pom in high school was not easy, but it was probably contained some of the best times of your life. Here are 10 things girls who were poms in high school will know all too well.

1. "So you're a cheerleader right?"

Dance. Team. Having to explain the difference between poms and cheerleading was most likely a daily occurrence, and usually hopeless because even after four years, they still wouldn't get it.

2. Having piles and piles of tan jazz shoes.

Practice shoes, game shoes, competition shoes, the possibilities were endless. Even when you bought new ones, you still would not throw away the ones that were grass stained with holes that had been attempted to be fixed with various types of tape. These shoes would be laying around everywhere, in every bag, car, and probably a pair "accidentally" left in the studio, just in case. And let's not mention the smell.

3. Automatically getting back into the formation to do the routine again, even though your coach had said "one more time".

Nice try, coach, nice try.

4. Fake Eyelashes

Tying to pop those things on at 5:00 in the morning was not your favorite thing, not to mention the fear that you may never be able to open your eye again. You have to admit though, they made you feel fierce; however, they were still the first thing you ripped off after your performance.

5. Knowing the many functions of these amazing products

Run in your tights? Clear nail polish. Need your makeup to stay? Hairspray, right in your face. Just remember not to breathe.

6. Hitting your tricks perfectly, except that one time your coach was looking at you.

Every. Time.


Had to bring it back, because it is all too real.

8. Sore arms.

Did I just compete in a body building competition? Nope, just poms practice. Although you knew when this happened that you're angles were on fleek, and that your motions could break walls. Success.

9. Getting borderline PTSD every time you hear a song IRL that you had a routine to.

Some memories just never fade.

10. Getting almost uncomfortably close with all of your teammates.

You've spent so much time together that you have witnessed everyone at their best, and at their worst. Through tough practices, long competition days, games, camps, and team bondings. There's not much of each other that you haven't seen, and that makes it all the better!

Through all of this, poms was an amazing and unique experience to do what you love with people that you love. You've created memories that will last you a lifetime, and you wouldn't trade it for the world.

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