In middle school, It was always about fitting in and doing the next best thing. Here are a few of the trends we all went along with.

Phiten necklaces

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In middle school, I remember taking guys' Phiten necklaces. It was always a goal of mine. I remember having like three at one time and I thought I was “"

Silly Bandz

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I remember my mom would buy me packs upon packs of Silly Bandz. They would leave indentions on my arms, but I didn't care. I'd wear at least 20 if not more on my arms every day. Trading them with others at school was a daily thing as well.

Scrunched hair

I remember waking up every morning to wet my hair and putting almost an entire can of mousse in my hair. After scrunching for what felt like a lifetime, I would go back over it when hairspray and continued to scrunch. The outcome looked like greasy wavy hair and I loved it.

Picnik photos

Editing your pictures with Picnik was a must before posting them. Your profile picture on Facebook was most likely a collage of you and your friend that said, “You're the peanut butter to my jelly" with hearts all around and your name in some insane font.

Aeropostale, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch Tees

In Middle School, you had to wear these brands and if you didn’t, well you just wore them. I remember owning the same Aeropostale tee in probably 27 different colors, but that was okay because it was Aeropostale.

Cookie Monster Hats


Cookie Monster hats were a must with every guy and even some girls. Every guy owned either a cookie monster hat or a Kermit the Frog one and the girls loved it. Thankfully those are very done and over with because nobody wants a repeat of those.

Vera Bradley Crossbodies

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Every girl owned a Vera Bradley Crossbody whether it was real or authentic. They would always have it stuffed and had a Bath & Body hand sanitizer hanging off the side. There was also a small chance it was monogrammed as well.


Almost every girl wore a cami even when they didn't need to. There was really no point in wearing them unless your shirt was cut too low or if your shirt came up too high or because you had to follow everyone else and wear one just because. Because having lace detail hanging out the top and bottom of your shirt was fashionable.


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We all wore these hunky shoes. They were worn with bootcut jeans most of the time. These shoes were pretty trendy for a few years, but they are not worn anymore and I don’t even know anywhere these are sold which is a good thing!

Hair Feathers

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In middle school, every girl got feathers in their hair. Even Jenelle Evans from "Teen Mom 2" caught on with this trend. The brighter the colors were, the better and It was also a trend to have several, but just one.