10 Things You Hear When You Tell People That You're A Cat Person

10 Things You Hear When You Tell People That You're A Cat Person

Public Service Announcement: Cats are just as good as dogs.


Yes, I'm a cat person. I have 3 cats, named Soufflé, Bliss, and Mousse, and they are 3 of the cutest, friendliest felines you will ever meet. I've grown up loving cats, not dogs. I know, crazy right? How could anybody ever favor cats over dogs? Well, news flash, it's possible! Here are 10 things I hear from people when I tell them I am, in fact, a cat person.

1. You're going to be a crazy, old cat lady that lives in a small apartment with 30 cats.

2. But you have to clean a litter box. That's so...gross.

3. How could you think cats are cuter than, say, a golden retriever puppy?

4. Doesn't being a cat person mean you're socially awkward or lonely?

5. All cats do are lay around, hiss, and scratch people.

6. Do you throw birthday parties for your cats?

7. Dogs love to play, cats are lazy.

8. Their meows sound evil.

9. Cats don't do anything funny or entertaining.

10. You can't dress cats up.

So it's clear to see that cats are the superior animal.

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