10 Things I Won't Miss About Living On Campus
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10 Things I Won't Miss About Living On Campus

No more room checks or fire drills, yes!

10 Things I Won't Miss About Living On Campus
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Coming June 1st, I will officially be a home renter with my 4 roommates. Adulting feels SO good, but the best pro to this is not living on campus anymore! It's just a hassle and I will be glad to be out of that.

1. Spending $1000/month to live there.

College is expensive. But, living on campus is the most expensive part. I will be saving over half my money by living off campus actually.

2. Security.

They are constantly lurking around and we feel like we have to tiptoe around them all the time. Privacy will be nice.

3. Parking.

I was so tired of parking a mile away from my building or else I would get a ticket. I actually did get a ticket but appealed it before it got charged to my account (thank gosh).

4. Dining hall food.

Food poisoning? Heck no. I'd rather have my own kitchen and place to cook thank you very much!

5. Noise.

No longer have to hear my neighbors screaming and stomping on the floors.

6. Restrictions!

I can finally have candles, flags, curtains, and tapestries without getting a fine! Sweet.

7. Room checks.

The most ANNOYING part of on campus living. Waiting for RA's to do room checks so you can just get all of your restricted items back out.

8. Fire drills.

9/10 times these happen I am usually in the shower or taking a nap. Its absurd.

9. Terrible Wi-Fi.

I had to have my own router because nothing would ever load. It was really that bad.

10. Moving in/out.

No more taking stuff home for summer, winter, and spring break. Keeping it in one place for 2 years is going to spoil me.

This should have convinced you that your Junior year you need to live off campus. It is so much easier and just less stressful in the end.

Have a great summer!

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