10 Things To Do With The Extra Sunlight We Get From Daylight Savings

10 Things To Do With The Extra Sunlight We Get From Daylight Savings

Daylight savings isn't all bad!

At 2:00 am on Sunday, March 13th, Americans turned their clocks forward one hour. Daylight Savings Time was originally invented by Benjamin Franklin, to allow for farmers to have more time in sunlight during growing seasons. Nowadays, a lot of people look at this pessimistically, and see it as losing an hour of sleep. While last week we did lose an hour, I personally like to look at Daylight Savings as an opportunity. It means summer is coming, and warmer days are right around the corner. Here are 10 things you can do with the extra time in the sun.

1. Consider starting a garden.

Spring is the best time to plant a lot of fruits or veggies, as well as flowers that will continue to bloom in the summer. With the extra sunlight, your plants will get the sunshine they need, and you will have time in the sun to attend to your garden!

2. Eat a meal outside.

Eating a meal outside - especially dinner - is one of the biggest perks of the spring/summertime. The weather is finally warm enough to enjoy sitting out, and the sun stays out long enough where you aren't eating in the dark!

3. Go on a hike.

The spring time is the perfect time to explore hiking trails near you and try them out. Whether you are an experienced hiker, or just starting out, hiking when all the leaves are blooming is a lot of fun and very pretty to see.

4. Go to an outdoor market.

Outdoor markets are almost always closed during the winter time. Once the sun comes out, people are more inclined to be outside! Take advantage of these local markets while they are out. Stop by your local farmers market one day after work and pick up fresh ingredients for dinner that night.

5. Save on electricity by opening your blinds.

Natural light = amazing for selfies. Enough said.

6. Lay out and tan.

Not much is better than laying outside in the sun while reading a good book, and catching a tan. Of course, you have to be safe if you are planning to catch some rays. Always remember to put on sunscreen and reapply it if you are getting too sweaty from being out.

7. Play Frisbee.

After being cooped up inside all winter long, getting outside and playing a game like Frisbee is a great way of breaking cabin fever. Not only will the fresh air revive your heart, but you will also get some pretty good exercise from it as well.

8. Grill up some food.

Grilled food is delicious, and a staple of the warmer months. Thanks to the sun staying out longer at night, you now have time to grill up something delicious for dinner!

9. Wash your car yourself.

Save your money by washing your car yourself! Use the extra sunlight to get some chores done, such as washing your car. Your car will be happy it's clean!

10. Walk your dog before the sun goes down.

Finally, it doesn't seem so dark when you get back from work or class. The sun staying out will give you just enough time to walk your pooch after work or school.

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5 Easy Ways For Healthy Girls To Thrive At Starbucks

Here's how to be healthy without being boring.

For your average college student, the desire to be healthy while not consuming your calories and sugar intake is a very challenging balancing act. Being a college student means that you rely completely on the university for food, are restricted to either making everything yourself, or you find a happy medium. It’s not always easy to go back to your dorm or apartment to make a healthy snack, so we have to rely on the restaurants and cafes that are readily available to us on campus.

Starbucks has a couple locations around my campus and is always bustling with students stopping between classes for a midday latte or refresher. It is the place to be, the place to go, and it is not impossible to be healthy while enjoying these drinks! As a barista at Starbucks, I have seen the ins and outs of how customers make their drinks. There is the default way that baristas will make your drink, but we can also customize it to you and your needs.

I am and will always be a cheerleader for Starbucks. I believe wholeheartedly in the values of being welcoming, being present, and challenging the status quo that Starbucks employees embody. I also believe wholeheartedly in the products we offer to our valued customers.

That being said, our society is becoming increasingly aware of how to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, and the food and drink that we put into our bodies are important factors to this equation. What I am trying to do here is not by any means deter someone away from Starbucks. Wherever you go, no matter which café you choose to eat and drink at, the food and drinks are high in sugar to make its customers come back for more.

Starbucks, though, offers easy ways for its customers to increase the health benefits of your favorite drink. So the next time you are in line, approach the register, and are about to tell the barista what you are having today, keep these five simple tips in the back of your head to get your Starbucks fix without setting your fitness goals back.

1. Milk

One insanely easy way to cut down half the amount of sugar in your Starbucks drink is to simply substitute the default 2% milk for almond milk. Among it’s many other health benefits, paying a little extra for the almond milk substitute will cut down half the amount of sugar in your drink. This saves you an extra trip to the gym and will help you with your weight loss goals without having to completely cut out Starbs from your diet.

Soymilk is the next best substitute. It is sweetened with vanilla, so there is more sugar in this drink than one with almond milk. But, it is still a very healthy alternative compared to using any dairy-based milk.

2. Syrup

This one is a little more challenging, but not impossible. One easy way to cut down on the amount of sugar from the syrup flavoring alone is to ask your barista for half the pumps of syrup flavoring that the drink would normally get. I have personally tried this method, and I honestly can barely taste the difference! After sipping on my drink, my stomach and my mind feel so much better knowing that I just treated myself without wrecking myself.

Another good way to cut down on the amount of sugar from syrup-flavored drinks is to ask for Sugar-Free Vanilla instead of regular vanilla. Vanilla is by far the most popular syrup since it is used by default in many espresso and coffee drinks. Asking for this alternative will change your Grande vanilla iced coffee with milk from having over 20 grams of sugar to only about 3 grams, and asking for a Grande Skinny Caramel Macchiato will go from a whopping 32 grams of sugar to 18 grams of sugar.

3. Size Matters

If you are getting a hot espresso drink, go for a tall or a Grande. A tall has one shot of espresso, and a Grande AND a venti both have 2 espresso shots. Unless you are going to pay extra to add in another shot of espresso, avoid the venti, just treat yourself to a Grande, and call it a day because the extra milk and syrup make a difference.

4. Avoid the sauces

It’s fairly simple to make a Café Mocha healthier, but not so much a Café White Mocha. A Grande Mocha contains 34 grams of sugar, and a Grande White Mocha contains 58 grams of sugar. That is equivalent to eating a slice of Portillo’s Chocolate Cake AND a Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie from Starbucks. If this doesn’t phase you, then totally go for it! You deserve to drink what you want. For me, there are definitely days when I’ve been studying my butt off and want to treat myself, and I won’t even think twice about buying a Café Mocha as a pick-me-up drink. Now, you can ask for a Skinny Mocha which only contains 15 grams of sugar for a Grande. You still have the same delicious mocha taste with half the amount of sugar!

5. Want caffeine but not the sugar? Try the Shaken Iced Teas!

The black, green, and white teas at Starbucks do in fact contain caffeine. These are also very refreshing and now that spring has sprung, this is a great way to get your caffeine but also keep you refreshed! These are also cheaper than the espresso drinks which will make your wallet happy.

If the teas are too bitter for you, though, feel free to sweeten them with either a splash of lemonade or some syrup. A Shaken Iced Tea with sweetener contains about 11 grams of sugar, which is much less than the hot espresso drinks.

Cover Image Credit: Tirachard Kumtanom

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Thank You, Coffee.

Six things I love about coffee.

Coffee is the best thing about life, so I felt it was necessary to show my love for coffee, and that coffee for helping me get through all the tough times. I know a lot of people can thank just one cup of joe for helping them wake up for that early-as-fuck class or to stay up one more hour to study for that big tests you weren’t prepared for. So, here’s to you, coffee! Thanks for helping college students everywhere make it through the day.

1. Coffee is good any time of day.

Coffee is often thought of as a morning beverage, but it can really be made to fit any time of the day. You can have a coffee to wake up in the morning, refresh in the middle of the day, or to enjoy as a dessert. There are frozen coffee drinks, coffee topped off with whipped cream, and even coffee flavored ice cream and, the best, tiramisu!

2. There are so many varieties.

Hot, iced, cold brew, latte (hot or iced), cappuccino, macchiato (again, hot or iced), americano, Frappuccino, and on and on and on! Not to mention the various roasts – blonde to dark. So much to choose from.

3. Just plain coffee doesn’t really have any calories in it.

A plain, black coffee has about two calories. Just two calories! Adding dairy products and sugar and flavoring is what hikes up the calories. But, if you’re just talking about the coffee itself, just one cup is harmless.

4. Caffeine has been proven to be very beneficial!

Coffee lowers your risk of heart disease and stroke, reduces the chance of getting type 2 diabetes, protects the brain against Alzheimer's disease, promotes regular digestions (which is why it makes you poop!), prevents headache, and, best of all, help burn fat! Coffee also promotes a better, more motivated work out, and helps you keep burning calories if consumed after a work out!

5. Coffee goes with so many delicious goodies.

Bagels, donuts, danish, muffins, ect. The list goes on and on!

6. Most importantly, coffee is your friend.

Coffee wakes you up in the morning, keeps you warm when it’s cold, gives you that extra kick you need to take on the day, and tastes delicious! Coffee is good. Coffee is kind. Coffee will never hurt you. Coffee will never leave you.

Coffee is all you need.

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