​10 Things To Do When You Want To Do Nothing
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​10 Things To Do When You Want To Do Nothing

Simple things to do even when you want to lay in bed and die.

​10 Things To Do When You Want To Do Nothing

We all have those days, sometimes even weeks where we don't want to do anything but lay around until it's time for bed. However, sometimes that one day can turn into a few days and thats fine, but then those few days turn into weeks. Next thing you know, your room is a mess and you feel like you can't talk to anyone because you spent so much time isolating yourself doing nothing. And it sucks to feel that way, so here are some easy things to do even when you don't want to.

1. Wash your face 

Even if your sheets feel like they have taped you to your bed or you don't have the energy to shower, still at least wash your face. It will feel a little better and might influence you to do other tasks that seem like a lot of work, like styling your hair or putting on actual pants

2. Watch a show or movie

I always like to put on movies or shows I don't really have to pay attention to so I can just lay in bed scrolling through social media or playing a game. Just hearing what is going on in the background can help motivate me to do something (like cook dinner or do homework), but can also help you feel less isolated

3. Reach out to a friend 

You may not want to hangout with your friends on Saturday for that brunch they planned, but still try and go. If you cancel on every plan and stop talking to those around you, you could start to feel isolated but they are there for you.

4. Try to do one thing on your to do list 

Or just making a to-do list can help. It doesn't have to be something big or hard, just pick the easiest thing and get it done, or start with the hardest thing and try to get some of it done. Any progress is still progress.

5. Have a cup of hot tea

... or any other drink you like. I love a hot cup of tea to relax me, but whatever your favorite drink is thats easy to make, make. Think of it as a little treat for yourself.

6. Cuddle up in some blankets 

Grab whatever blankets you want and get cozy, then do whatever. Homework, studying, reading, painting, watching a movie, or nothing. Be comfortable and cozy when you do it until you feel like doing homework not in bed.

7. Drink plenty of water

So you ignored everything I suggested and laid around doing nothing for the third week in a row? That's fine, just make sure to drink some water so you don't get dehydrated. Plus, the more water you drink, the more you have to get up (and maybe find motivation) throughout the day.

8. Write something

A sentence, a journal entry, an Odyssey article for your schools community, whatever really. And write about whatever you want to or look up a prompt. Whatever helps you get out what you need to.

9. Open a window

They say fresh air helps when you are in a funk, but let us all be honest here, when you don't want to contribute to society anymore, that also means you probably don't want to get dressed and go for a walk. But, you could just open a window, maybe let some sun it.

10. Look at pictures of cute animals

You should be looking at cute animals all the time anyway (and I guess same with everything else I have mentioned, BUT the cute animals is important). Look at videos, pet a dog or cat if you have one, animals are great sources of happiness:)

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