10 Things To Do After A Breakup
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10 Things To Do After A Breakup

10 Things To Do After A Breakup

A few weeks ago, the man I dated broke up with me the night before my final. It wasn't until someone asked me how he was doing when I realized, I wasn't okay. I was stressed from up coming exams, a breakup, and didn't have anyone to talk to. My family lectured me for a couple hours and gave me amazing advise which allowed me to find happiness day by day. Here are just a few of my favorite advise that got me through the breakup.

10. Be Productive

A lot of times being in a relationship, one tends to put off a few things to spend time with their significant other. It is okay to cry but you can't let a breakup stop you from the reality that time will pass and you have responsibilities. Take your mind off things by being responsible and productive.

9. Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do

We all as individuals have that list of things we want to do, see, and explore with or without a significant other. Sometimes interest clashes or you never get the opportunity. But if you find yourself having a lot of free time don't be afraid to challenge yourself and do those things on your bucket list.

8. Do Something That Makes You Smile

Something we often times take for granted are the little things such as receiving a complement or a stranger opening the door for us. Personally I smile when I know I can make someone else's day a little bit better. Giving compliments, doing charity work, even talking to strangers are a few things that easily make me smile. Everyone is different so it's important to do what makes you smile and happy.

7. Practice Composure

With all the emotions taking over one might constantly feel annoyed, sad, angry and generally overwhelmed with honestly just someone breathing. During those moments you find yourself more emotional, practicing talking kinder to others is an important skill to have. Not just for a breakup but in any setting whether it's at work or at a function that someone you don't get along with is attending as well. Holding in those feelings and calming down shows others how strong you are and how well your handling the situation. But keep in mind it is okay to cry and have emotions. But sometimes stepping away and recollecting yourself before you get to the point of a breakdown is necessary. In my opinion you should never allow someone to have such power over you to break you down. Everyone has the right to simply walk away.

6. Educate Yourself

Instead of binge watching movies and binge eating chocolates like I used to do through a breakup, try picking up a book about absolutely anything you're interested in. If reading isn't your thing, draw, write, or sing. Your only limit is your imagination, don't waste it watching movies all day.

5. Go Out and Explore

Living in the moment is something I always struggled with. But going out on walks and exploring allowed me to learn new things about nature and about myself. Go out, even if it's to splash around in a puddle on a rainy day, or for a cup of coffee on a sunny day. Sometimes fresh air is needed to just live in the moment and really appreciate all the little things about life.

4. Set Goal

Set goals to focus on, whether it is big or little goals don't stop until you accomplish them. My whole life I was told the first step into accomplishing my goals is making my bed every morning. It allows you to accomplish something the moment you wake up and it sets the tone for the rest of your day.

3. Find Yourself

Find yourself, you are not your best friend, you are not your sister or brother, you are yourself. Understand what makes you happy, what you love, dislike, and want to change about yourself. Not what people want to change about you. Use that knowledge to improve yourself. No one is perfect and comparing yourself to anyone but yourself is unfair to you. Be the person that would make the younger you proud.

2. Develop a Lifestyle

Don't let a break up take over. It's easy to cry and list things you think are wrong about yourself but it's much harder to do something about them. Develop a healthy change of life, whether it's creating a schedule to follow, eating healthier, stretching for 10 minutes every morning, or drinking water instead of coffee. Healthy changes allows for a new and better you. Changes often times sucks, it's hard and uncomfortable but sometimes it's necessary to prove to yourself how strong you are mentally and physically.

1. Love Yourself

Find love, any love for yourself and grow it. If you don't love something about yourself, work hard to love it. You have to love every inch of yourself to understand your own self worth, to be able to truly love someone else, and to know how you want to be loved in the future. Learning how to love yourself when your broken, even when you have to pick up the broken pieces allows you to never let anyone break you again.

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