10 Things That Matter SO Much More Than What's Under Your Christmas Tree

10 Things That Matter SO Much More Than What's Under Your Christmas Tree

Let's be honest, I really came here for the food.


Christmas really is right around the corner, like, really close.

It's that time of year where everyone stresses about money and gifts and what plans to make for the holidays. It's the time of year where everyone's inner crazy person comes out. We do our last minute Christmas shopping and give everyone else our last minute Christmas list. We all look forward to seeing what's under the tree and getting our presents that we've been waiting for ALL year.

However, do we ever stop to think about the things that matter that aren't under the tree?

1. Your family and Family Traditions

Of course family is always going to be more important than anything money could buy you. And it's the time of year where family traditions really come to light. Always cherish those and pass them down to your own family one day. The memories you create and the people you create them with are the one that matter the most.

2. Christmas Movies

I could honestly watch Christmas movies all year 'round, but, they're the best to watch around Christmas time, DUH. And there's no better way to start traditions than with Christmas movies! They're always classics.

3. Your Friends

Just like your family, your friends are just as important to spend time with them and make them feel extra special around the holidays, too. I buy friends gifts every year just like I do for my family.

4. Your Job

I really shouldn't say this, but it's kinda true. When it comes to the holidays in particular, it's especially important to keep your job and make as much money as you can.

5. Hot Cocoa

Always a wintertime classic. Can never go wrong with hot cocoa, it's the best and MOST important thing to have on deck when binge watching Christmas movies.

6. Winter/Seasonal Traditions

Every year, there's always fun things to do in the winter and during the holidays. Whether you go Christmas light sightseeing or roast s'mores around a bonfire, doing these things and sharing these memories with you loved ones means so much more than what's under your Christmas tree.

7. New Year Goals

Even though it's Christmas time, it's also that time of year where people start thinking about their goals for the new year. There's nothing more important than setting personal goals for yourself and striving to be an even better you.

8. The Food

The presents are great and all, but, let's be honest, I'm really just here for the food.

9. Keeping the Holiday Spirit Alive

It's important to keep yourself and everyone around in the spirit. No one should be sad or alone on the holidays. Happiness for everyone!

10. New Year's Party

Once Christmas is over, it's party time!! If you're anything like me, you've been planning your NYE outfit since September and have been figuring out different plans and ideas since August. New Year's is kind of a big deal.

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