10 Things That Ice Cream Scoopers Are Tired Of Hearing

10 Things That Ice Cream Scoopers Are Tired Of Hearing

Sometimes your customers say the darnedest things.


Being an ice cream scooper definitely has perks from the endless amounts of ice cream to take home, or the fact that you're the sole reason why someone is smiling. The job can be fun, but when you're dealing with so many people, it sometimes can be very overwhelming and frustrating when your customers aren't as cooperative as you'd like them to be. In a perfect world, a customer would pleasantly order their ice cream in the correct size, cup and toppings with no questions or error. But this isn't a perfect world and customers very rarely please you. Here are just some examples of things customers say that may make my eyes roll on the inside.

1. "I actually wanted that on a cone."

Hence the reason why I asked you if you wanted a cup or a cone in the first place.

2. "Can I actually have this to go?"

Can I actually go home?

3. "Gummy bears, Oreos, m&m's on top please!"

How about you take a second to check if we actually have candy on the menu, I don't want to take five minutes explaining every topping we do or do not have.

4. "What are your sizes?"

Even if I tell you we don't have a medium size, you're still probably gonna order one.

5. "How much is *insert menu item*?"

Do you order something from a restaurant without looking at the price on the menu first?

6. "What's the best flavor?"

I'm just trying to earn money to pay for school I don't need this kind of pressure in my life.

7. "What is in the Oreo ice cream?"


8. "Can I taste seven flavors that I'm not even going to end up ordering?"

Of course you can, but please.

9. "Can you make an exception for me?"

I don't care how little you tip me after, you cannot have two flavors in one scoop it just doesn't make sense!

10. "I'd like that quart wrapped up please."

No one ever gets their quarts not wrapped, please let me wrap it up in peace after I set it on the counter.

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