10 Things You Should Thank Your Older Sister For

10 Things You Should Thank Your Older Sister For

Your ride or die, partner for life.

Having an older sister is like a best friend, second mom and a role model all wrapped into one amazing person. Maybe you didn’t feel that way when you were younger but now she’s your go-to, ride or die partner in crime. You know how lucky you are to have her, but sometimes you forget to verbalize it. Here are a few things you should thank your sister for.

1. Breaking in your parents for you.

Your sister was your parents’ first-go-around at parenting, so they were overly strict, set higher expectations and she took the brunt of the punishment. By the time they got to you, they eased up and let some things slide that they would’ve never overlooked in your sister’s day.

2. Her closet.

Chances are you had zero fashion sense in middle school and you looked at your sister's closet as a beacon of style. Any chance you got, you would sneak in and try her clothes on, failing completely to look as good as her. And on your covert missions, you kept a few souvenirs hoping she wouldn’t catch you wearing a few of them.

3. Being your ride for all those years you didn’t have a car.

When your parents were busy, she was the one to drive you here, there and everywhere. You would ride shotgun, listen to her music, stop somewhere for food…you preferred it to riding with your parents.

4. Turning to her for advice.

Boys, drama with friends, clothing, anything you would never go to your parents for, you turned to her for everything. She always knew what to say in any given situation.

5. Trusting her opinion above all else.

You valued her opinion because you knew that anything you were currently going through, she had been there and survived it. Whenever you needed her, she was there, answering every call or text, ready to walk you through any crisis you found yourself in.

6. Never ratting you out to your parents.

All those crazy shenanigans you took part in, she knows about them but would never spill to your parents. You have an unspoken understanding that siblings keep certain unknowns from parents.

7. Setting you straight when you make stupid decisions.

She’s the first to praise your successes but she’s also never hesitated to call you out when you’ve made the wrong choice.

8. Picking up the check, the tab, etc.

Whenever you were low on cash, she offered to help you out never expecting anything in return. She did because as your older sister, her job is to look out for you.

9. Being there for you unconditionally.

She’s never failed you, and she never will. Rides, sound advice, a good laugh, a shoulder to cry on, she’s your go-to person. Besides your parents, she’s one of the only people that will drop everything to be there for you.

10. Knowing you better than anyone else.

She knows your likes, dislikes, secrets, dreams and crushes. She knows what you’re like on your best days and your worst days. She knows how to console you and what to do to lift your mood. She’s your role model, your best friend, your older sister.

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Guys, If She Is Doing Any Of These 12 Things PLEASE Get Over Her

If she is doing these things she isn't looking back and neither should you.


OK, guys, listen up. Whether you just got out of a relationship with a girl and are still hung up or whether your crush is just not reciprocating then here are a few things that hint its time to move on because she just isn't into it. Feel free to mix and match as you see fit to your situation and I hope all the insight you need is now in your in your hands.

1. She breaks up with you.

Guys, this is not a Hallmark movie, you're not getting back together. Typically, this should have been your first clue.

2. She isn't dwelling on the breakup like you are.

If she doesn't talk about it unless someone else brings it up or doesn't act like it changed her as much as it changed you then she is ready for something new and you should be too.

3. She avoids excessive and unnecessary eye contact. 

When she catches you looking at her too much she will usually stop looking back and begin to avoid making any eye contact at all.

4. She is flirting with other guys.

Okay, so this one should be a little obvious. If she is flirting with another guy and especially if she is flirting with more than one guy her line is already out there ready to catch the other fish in the sea.

5. She leaves you on read.

As much as this is a popular meme which cracks us all up, it is also the truth. If she leaves you on read more than once in a row then she obviously doesn't want to talk.

6. She only answers with extremely short responses.

This applies to both real-life conversations and texting if she does by chance respond. She is only gonna say the bare minimum to scrape by or end the conversation.

7. She doesn't keep in touch with you.

Plain and simple. Not much else to say about this. If you're not getting the hint by now I don't know what else can help you see it.

8. She doesn't ask if you're ok when you're moping.

If the extent of your conversations are small talk and never anything more, catch a hint. When you're walking around with sad puppy eyes or sulking in the corner and she just says hi and keeps walking, it means something. She doesn't want to get caught up in it.

9. She uses the term bro, fam, or brother in Christ.

This is self-explanatory. There is only one thing worse than the allusive and alleged "friend-zone" and that would be being put in the "family-zone." Not to say it is a room with a locked door but it is much harder to get out of then the really good friend title.

10. She has a generally happier demeanor.

If she is acts happier than she ever acted around you then chances are that going back would feel like a regression.

11. Your side comments don't have any effect.

If your side comments or under your breath remarks literally get no reaction or care then I think it is safe to say you should move past it.

12. She finds reasons to move to the opposite side of the room.

If you notice that every time you come into her hemisphere of the room she slowly moves to the other one with or without an excuse...then maybe she doesn't want to be near you. To save her and yourself from the awkward maybe quit chasing her when you know she'll keep moving away.

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