10 Things Only You And Your Bestie Do

10 Things Only You And Your Bestie Do

Or maybe it is just us...

1. Read each others mind.

"Do you want Chick Fil A?" Uhhh....duh but how did you know?

2. Cry to each other because you are hormonal and hungry.

Maybe this is just us....probably not though. Crying in the Drive Thru is totally normal.

3. Sing the same song like 1000 times and it never gets old.

This is when you know it is a good day. For us, Hawaiian Roller Coaster ride is an oldie but a goodie.

4. Text each other at like 3 AM and they respond.

When you text your bestie "Are you awake?" and they either respond or walk into your room, you know they are life.

5. Wake each other up from naps to get food.

"Hey get up, I let you sleep for an extra 20 minutes...but lets get food."

6. Hang out with their mom and have a blast doing it.

This is the best thing...her mom is my bestie too no lie.

7. Laugh until you cry over the dumbest thing.

This usually happens when one of us embarrasses or hurts ourself.

8. Tuck each other into bed.

Just pulling a blanket over them, giving them a hug and telling them goodnight means the world.

9. Be brutally honest to each other.

This is a good feature of a bestie's relationship. If they shouldn't wear that outfit, tell them.

10. Love each other unconditionally.

This is the best part of having a bestie. I love her and never want to lose her.

Cover Image Credit: Georgia Michael

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13 Reasons Your High School Besties Are THE Best

They are your group of forever weirdos.

I hear all the time about how people rarely talk to their high school friends and to me that is weird as I still talk constantly to my high school friend group. Actually my high school friend group is my group of people. And there are many reasons why they are the best.

1. They have known you for so long

You don't have to pretend not to be weird.

2. You can complain about your hometown and not have to explain anything

3. There are so many memories that you kind of lost track

Sometimes you have to remind your friends, other times they have to remind you that yes you were there!

4. Any time you go home for break, you always have plans. Plus their house is like your second home.

Just walk on in and steal some food.

5. They were with you when you did THE embarrassing and stupid things

Part of you thought you were cool.

6. You survived drama, high school, going into adulthood and so much more together

Oh high school, I don't miss you.

7. Oh the inside jokes

You had to be there.

8. Experiencing many firsts together from first dances to the first relationship

Oh school dances, the sheer awkwardness just radiated from the room.

9. Awkward phases

I'm a great dancer, I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

10. Still loving you even though you go to a rival school


11. Helping with life choices because your friends know you really well

Trying to decide a major is hard but your high school friends know you and usually know what future job might make you happy.

12. Being nostalgic anytime you look through photos or yearbooks

Let's not forget pointing out the people you loathed.

13. Seeing them again is the best!

Cover Image Credit: Andrea Kleckner

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An Open Letter to my Best Friend

From your best friend

Best Friend,

I think one time you told me that you were the better friend because you wrote me your senior letter, but now I am because mine is published online for you.

I just have one thing to say to you: thank you.

Thank you for being the friend who is there for me when I have no one else. This smallest act is more meaningful than you know, and I love knowing that you're only a phone call/ snapchat/ instagram chat/ text away.

Thank you for supporting me in everything that I do. You give me advice on everything from my job, to classes, to my book that I'm writing. Your advice is important to me, and I love having someone who is willing to give it.

Thank you for asking me my advice and my opinions. Knowing that you actively care what I think lets my anxiety settle down and realize that you are a true friend, and that my anxiety is just dumb.

Thank you for being interested in everything I'm interested in. It's so amazing to me that we went to the same school our whole lives, and we only became friends my senior year. I finally have someone who is just as interested in reading and writing as I am.

Thank you for having a great family. Not only do they not treat me like a freak, but they genuinely (I think) like me. All of your parents are great, and they all are welcoming when I hangout with you. It's finally nice to have a friend with a family who gives me a nickname.

Thank you for the birthday and Christmas presents. My favorite was the coffee cup that says "I wish I was my dog." My second favorite is that we both got each other a writing prompts journal. Only true friends get each other a writing prompts journal.

My dad told me you're one of the best friends that I had, and he's right. Having my dog "call you" his aunt makes me hope that my kids will in the future.

We only have four more years before our friendship is forever. I hope you're prepared.

With love from your bff.

Cover Image Credit: Facebook

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