10 Things No One Tells You To Bring To College
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Student Life

10 Things No One Tells You To Bring To College

Chances are your dorm won't look like a Bed Bath and Beyond ad.

10 Things No One Tells You To Bring To College

Transitioning to college is hard. You are so excited to leave familiarity behind, but at the same time, you are terrified of approaching something completely new. New housing, new friends, new area, new independence.

The reality of college is that you should be scared. It is completely normal to be anxious. I am sure that as you scrounge through Bed Bath and Beyond or Target for new dorm room your excitement and anxiety begin to overlap as you think begin to think about living on your own.

You've got your list in hand and you know exactly what you need, right? Wrong. You are so wrong. There are so many things no one tells you that you need at college, as well as what you don't need.

What you DO need:

1. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

College brings a lot of random moments and a lot of messes. From mud on your favorite shoes to scrubbing your walls and desk before a hall adviser sees the nail polish that exploded everywhere, always have a magic eraser.

2. Mattress pad

You might be super excited to move into your room, but the moment you lay down on that nasty mattress you are going to wish you were back at home. Here's a tip — if you bring a mattress pad to place on top, you will have no problem sleeping.

3. Hard plastic shower caddy

Although it will take up more space, definitely get a plastic shower caddy instead of the flimsy polyester ones because it will 100 percent get soaked, and you don't want that dripping all over your room.

4. Raincoat and umbrella

You might think you have everything you need, but the day it pours and you have to walk across campus and sit through a lecture soaking wet, you'll wish you would've brought an umbrella.

5. Bluetooth speaker

Or any speaker for that matter. Being able to play music and allowing anyone to play music in your room is a for sure way to make friends, not to mention your room will definitely be the most popular among the rest.

6. Mini fridge with a freezer

No one tells you that you having a mini fridge with a freezer is a necessity, but it completely is. Frozen meals at 1:00 a.m. is the way to go, and don't forget an ice cube tray.

7. General medicine and basic medical supplies

In college, your mom won't be there to bring you ibuprofen or Advil. So when you feel sick and you have to handle it on your own, you'll be thankful you already have medicine ready to go.

8. Towel wraps

This is the towel that is actually a robe type thing for when you get out of the shower. Go ahead and bring a robe if you so choose, but no one wears a robe and people will slightly judge you for it. Get a wrap around towel, or just wear a towel. Tip: they have them at Target in 22 style .

9. Febreze

There is a 10/10 chance your roommate will make some odd smelling food in your microwave and the whole room will smell like two-week-old leftovers. Bring Febreze and save yourself.

10. Extension cord

Bring multiple because chances are your room will not be set up so you can conveniently have your phone next to you while you sleep.

There will be plenty of other items you'll think you need as soon as you get to college and your parents leave you alone, you'll think, "Wow, how in the world did I forget that?"

It will happen. You'll also ask yourself, "Why in the world did I think I needed this?"

For example, you don't need a whole set of dishes unless you have an apartment. In addition, you probably don't need a vacuum because the dorms most likely have one.

You don't need a picture of every single friend you had in high school ever. You don't need every decorative piece Target had to offer. You don't need a laundry basket and a clothes hamper (pick one), and you don't need to bring clothes for the entire year.

Don't be that person who brought their entire room to college. Also, don't be that person who looks like they pulled their room out of a magazine.

You'll forget plenty of things. You'll bring too much. It is just a part of moving out and figuring out the whole being on your own thing.

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