10 Things I Love About Sexism
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10 Things I Love About Sexism

Since I see so much of it, I've decided to accept my role as a woman and embrace sexism!

10 Things I Love About Sexism
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As a girl trying to find my place in a world that seems to be overcome with controversy and strife, sexism is just one of the many things that cause my daily headaches. That, and the seemly bleak future of my life/this country. Despite everything, sexism seems to be at the heart of almost every single issue that I've seen take over news feeds and social media pages. The question is, is sexism worst than it was? Are people becoming more aware thanks to social media and the ever-thinning line between people's personal and social lives? Or are people becoming more "sensitive" and "emotional" like all of those millennial haters and conservatives tend to preach? No matter what people say, sexism tends to touch every aspect of your life, no matter what. In light of that realization, I have decided to accept that I will never be able to avoid it. So here are ten things I love about sexism.

1. Cat-Calls

Thanks to Buzzfeed, my eyes have been opened to the horrors of what the world would be like if women were the ones who were cat-calling people. Thank goodness I can count on random guys on the street to yell original and vulgar pick-up lines at me as I walk to class! It really warms my heart every time someone honks and yells "hey sexy!" at me as I'm walking home at night. That kind of stuff really helps me sleep!

2. Halloween Costumes

I love the fact that if I want to dress up as my favorite character from the original Ghostbusters, my costume looks more like a hooker in a Ghostbuster themed bachelor party than what someone should wear to a Halloween party. It gives me a chance to show off everything that I'm uncomfortable with showing people! So thanks, Halloween costume makers for making Halloween costume shopping hard for me!

3. My "Suitable" Career Options

Wanting to become a journalist is the perfect career for me because women love to gossip and journalists are nothing but glorified storytellers! My only other "real" options in the workforce are being a secretary for some hotshot CEO or a professional babysitter!

4. Movies

I absolutely love the unwarranted sexy outfits that seem to plague every new superhero movie I see. Because it makes sense that Black Widow should wear spandex and absolutely no body armor! It's not like she doesn't have superpowers or anything!

5. My Clothing Options

I love picking up a pair of size five jeans, only to find that they are two big, and then finding out when I get home that my favorite pair of jeans is a six four. My favorite part of shopping is having to try on every piece of clothing because I'm never completely sure what my actual size is.

6. Emotional Issues

I love how women are expected to be the emotional ones and men are made fun of if they cry. Not only is that totally not hypocritical and emotionally damaging to a guy's development, but it gives me an excuse to be a drama queen over EVERYTHING. And if I am upset over something serious, everyone always assumes that I'm blowing it out of proportion! I absolutely love it when that happens.

7. Man-hating

Hell yeah, I love this aspect of sexism because everyone can be sexist! I can stereotype men all I want because sexism is just a part of everyday life, right? They sexualize us all the time, and I, a small lesbian, have every right to make fun of a guy's physique! I can make jokes like "why aren't you outside fixing my car," and no one bats and eye!

8. Rape Jokes

These are my favorite kinds of jokes. Because if a joke doesn't make fun of a serious and emotionally devastating event, then it shouldn't even be counted as a joke.

9. School Dress Codes

As a high schooler, I was always thankful that I had male teachers and administrators who would make sure that my shoulders weren't a distraction for my fellow male classmates. And I deeply appreciate those who made sure I knew that my bra straps were showing! Putting a male student's education before mine has always made me extremely happy, I loved watching my fellow female students get pulled out of class because apparently, the boys couldn't keep it in their pants.

10. Stereotypical Frat Guys

Yes, these guys are my favorite! They ignore women's personal boundaries, they're the ones who spike our drinks. I love accepting a drink from some guy at a party only to find myself stumbling less than ten minutes later. These guys are the products of rape culture and sexism. Not all frat guys are like them, but I can promise you that there's always at least one.

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