10 Things We All Hate In Horror Movies

10 Things We All Hate In Horror Movies

We've all seen those movies where you roll your eyes because of poor acting, or the many cliches we come across in Hollywood.

We've all seen those movies where you roll your eyes because of poor acting, or the many cliches we come across in Hollywood. I conjured (see what I did there) up the top 10 that I could think of that are most used.

1. Running up the stairs

I know I'm not the only one in the theater saying, "There's a front door right there." Am I right?

2. Yelling out, "Who's there, what do you want?"

I don't think the killer is going to politely respond with their name and purpose.

3. That one chick who always manages to fall over nothing

We've all seen it, the girl who trips over the thin air then chooses to crawl away from the masked killer. (Spoiler alert: they die 99% of the time)

4. The couple who walks into creepy a** woods to have sex

Couldn't you wait for something more comfortable? And come on ladies, have some respect for yourselves.

5. The a**hole who tries to take over

We all know the jerk who tries to run the show. (Spoiler alert: he usually dies too)

6. The leading star who gets one good hit on the killer BUT THEN STOPS AND DROPS THE WEAPON

COME ON. This is not the time to be thinking about getting in trouble for overkill. This is the time to take that sledgehammer and make sure you can't see their face anymore. Because he's just gonna get up and chase you once again, and all of us in the theater couldn't be more ashamed of you.

7. When someone sees foreign lettering, then reads it out loud

Way to go, you just either summoned a demon, awoken a curse, or brought the dead back to life. If you don't know what it says, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT read it out loud. I'm pretty sure even reading it in your head may be too risky.

8. The guy who never believes his wife about the haunted house

Way to be the jerk of the movie, everyone in the theater hates you. She's your wife, give her the benefit of the doubt or she'll be dragged away never to be seen again.

9. When half of the movie is a porno

We get it, teenagers have sex, but you don't have to waste five mins to show us, just fade into another scene. I'm pretty sure we're all old enough to understand what happens.

10. When the group decides to split up

Let's face it, that's a dumb idea. At least two-thirds of your party is going to die. Strength in numbers people, strength in numbers!

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If Jay Gatsby Got A Do Over

What if there was a redo button for our tragic hero?

My all time-favorite story by FAR has always been The Great Gatsby. I was that nerd in high school who poured through the pages of the book wanting more and more, just wanting Gatsby and Daisy to end up together. That book has taught me more about life and relationships than anything else in the world.

So recently I started to think, what if the story ended differently? What if the characters chose differently, what would happen? If anyone in the book deserves a do-over, I believe it's Gatsby himself. The guy pines over the love of his life for five years, only to discover that she's not only a horrible person, but married, and using him when they finally have the opportunity to be together. That, sucks.

But what would he do with a do over? As a lover of the book, it's really hard for me to imagine this. How far would he go back to change things?

What if he never met Daisy? What if he never had "the one"? The story would be incredibly boring for one. For two, what is the point of it all then? Yes, he might not get heartbroken, he might avoid a lot of awkward conversations, and he probably wouldn't get shot at the end (sorry, spoiler), but what would all his success have been for?

I think F. Scott Fitzgerald was trying to teach us through Gatsby and Daisy that worldly possessions are nice, but what are they worth if you have no one to share it with?

It's interesting to imagine Gatsby still being the poor boy that he was meant to grow up as, and trying to win Daisy's affection still. As the person she grew up to be, she would never have even looked in his direction. But what then? Would he have ended up with someone else? Someone more real, down to earth, and sensible?

Gatsby's fears are realized at the end of the story, he dies alone. His chance with Daisy is gone. I like to think that if he had not attracted so much of that fear into his life, he may have had the opportunity to live happily.

All in all, if a do over was possible, this would not be the story we all know and love. I believe that is part of the lesson, things happen for a reason. There aren't always happy endings, and we have to learn to be okay with that because that's how life is.

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20 Times 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' Accurately Represented College Life

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1. When you first get on campus

2. When you consider going somewhere for dinner

3. Trying to meet new people like

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9. Discussing politics in class

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11. Drinking for the first time

12. When you have to listen to a monotone lecture at 8 am

13. Feeling like you're in the wrong class

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19. When there is a ridiculously hard question on an exam

20. Finding your own voice for the first time

Cover Image Credit: Universal Television

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