10 Things Everyone Loves About Fall
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10 Things Everyone Loves About Fall

the reasons we love fall and all of its color filled glory.

10 Things Everyone Loves About Fall
Franciscan Outreach

1. Pumpkin and Apple Picking: everyone's favorite things including a delicious treat and a cute instagram picture, it's a fun activity that let's you get away from your school responsibilities and be with people you love.

2. Sweater Weather: who doesn't love chilly weather when you can wear an over-sized sweater that's just warm enough with a hot cup of coffee or tea, or even apple cider.

3. Football, Football and More Football: almost every TV station has a football game on during this time of year. Whether it's college football or the NFL it's a great thing to watch with friends to wind down after a long week or weekend. If you're school has a football team it's a great way to be spirited. Cold nights under the lights were a high school favorite, and I wish I could spend fall doing it again.

4. The Leaves Turning: Even if you aren't fascinated behind the science of it, the leaves changing colors just makes for a beautiful time, and by the time the leaves fall everyone is ready to leave summer behind and embrace the cool weather and fun times ahead.

5. Halloween: everyone loves Christmas, but personally I think Halloween is the greatest holiday. It's my all time favorite for a night you get to be anything you want and no one can tell you otherwise. No matter how ridiculous it may seem if you want to dress that way you get to, no questions no judgments.

6. Apple Cidar Donuts: the most delicious fall treat along with caramel apples, these fall favorites never disappoint.

7. Pumpkin Spice Everything: it's fills up the stores. Pumpkin flavored food products and drinks are everywhere.

8. Color, Color Everywhere!: fall is easily the most colorful time of the year. Even if you don't like the cold weather and chilly football filled nights, you can't deny that the world is more colorful in the fall than any other time of year.

9. Endless Napping: there's nothing better than snuggling up in all your blankets when you know right outside your door the air is cool, but you're warm and in your bed with your favorite Netflix series.

10. Thanksgiving: who doesn't love to chow down on comfort foods surrounded by people you love and appreciate? We take time to appreciate everyone we love and everything we have been given while helping those less fortunate than us. Fall is such an altruistic time and I really feel that Thanksgiving is the culmination of the fall season and the spirit it brings.

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