College life is one heck of a time. It's a time to be alive, a time to try new things, a time to learn to budget your money and a time to make great memories with all the fresh faces you meet. Things can be rough sometimes, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Whether you’re a college kid yourself or an upcoming freshman — the week you don’t budget your money correctly, end up with nine dollars in your bank account and have to resort to eating dining hall food all week will remind you to be thankful for all these great things that come with the college experience.

1. Care Packages

Whether it’s literally just an envelope with a gift card or a large box full of snacks — I’m happy with any surprise mail that means I don’t have to buy groceries for another week.

2. Free T-Shirts

Before college, people always told me I would leave my four years with more college shirts than I could count. And who the heck doesn’t love a free t-shirt? There are some days when I’m just too tired or lazy to wear anything else.

3. Discounts On Coffee

The library Starbucks has $2 Grande cold brews? Sign me up.

4. The “Friday Class Is Cancelled” Email

It doesn’t get much better than that.

5. After Class Naps

This goes along with number five, but I’m just as thankful.

6. The Simple Syllabus

There’s a lot to cover over the course of the semester, but the professor who explains everything without taking up nine pages is a blessing (or using cheesy memes they think are so clever.)

7. An Empty Library

I don’t know about anyone else, but an empty library at the beginning of the semester is the most relaxing environment ever (in just a mere ten weeks you won’t be able to find a seat.)

8. Dogs

I had a dog when I was growing, but I never felt like a dog person until college. There’s something so comforting about seeing a fluffy pup strolling down the street on your way to class.

9. The Classic College Crewneck

Wear it to class, wear it on a date; wear it anywhere. When you wear your crewneck, you are expressing your school spirit in the comfiest way possible.

10. Student Discounts

Saving on food, and stuff you shouldn’t be buying despite the fact you only have nine dollars in your bank account, is a score. PSA for College of Charleston Students: Harris Teeter on East Bay is giving 5% off with your VIC card until May 31st. (You must go to customer service and register/sync your VIC card with your student ID for the discount.)