2017 is coming to an end!

Do you already have ideas or plans for what you want to do in 2018? Well don't! There's still two full months left of 2017, so there's plenty to do. You know the saying, don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today? Well, don't put off until the new year what you can do in the old! Here's a fun list of activities that you can indulge in before the year is up.

1. Go Exploring With a Close-knit Group of Friends

Go on a road-trip or explore the area you live in. Find something new and exciting no one has heard of. Do some online digging and plan a perfect day trip.

2. Ask the People you Care About What They Want for Christmas and go Shopping for the Perfect Gift

Some people love shopping for Christmas gifts and others don't. That's totally okay! But for those who LOVE making lists (like me) and have some extra cash they'd be willing to blow on their closest friends and family, you better start asking away! It's never too early to start shopping.

3. Order Something New at a Restaurant You've Never Been to

Never been to that seafood buffet restaurant or that Thai food joint? Go! Grab something off the menu you would normally have to think twice about. You may like what you get. If you don't there's always next year to order something else!

4. Spend a Day With Someone you've Barely stayed in Contact with

This could be the person you've been trying to make plans with all year long, but they always seem to fall through. Or, it could be that person you fell out of contact with when summer came to a close. Reach out to them first, don't be shy and ask if they want to catch up. Here's a conversation starter for you: exchange interesting, embarrassing, or funny stories from your year.

5. Get That Tattoo You've been Dreaming of All Year Long

Tattoos are big decisions. If you've held onto an idea all year long, why not head to a tattoo parlor and finally get it done? Just... don't get a "No Ragrets" tattoo or you will have regrets going into the new year.

6. Do a Kind Gesture for a Complete Stranger

Pay for the person behind you in the drive-thru, give a homeless person a blanket so they aren't too cold when the season gets chilly, compliment someone's outfit... the possibilities are endless. Go out there and make someone smile. You're guaranteed to smile as well.

7. Make a Spontaneous Decision

Don't worry about "if this" or "if that". Make a decision in the now without worrying. Go out of your comfort zone and do something you'd never think you'd do.

8. Go Ice-Skating because That Time of the Year is Approaching Fast

Chilly air, sweaters, beanies, holding hands with loved ones... it all sounds great especially watching people fall because their balance is awful. Grab a group of friends and enjoy a night on the ice.

9. Plan an Exciting Vacation or a Traveling Experience for the New Year

Been wanting to go to Disneyworld, a cruise, or get a stamp on that dust-collecting passport? Start planning for your vacation ahead of time. Check prices. The $$$ will be high at this time of the year, but once the new year starts, the prices will go down, and that's your time to strike up the best deal.

10. Celebrate the Good and the Bad Times you Had during 2017

365 days in a year. They either go back quickly or agonizingly slow. However, everyone has their ups and downs in those span of days. We all make mistakes and we have to learn by going out and having a good time. I know I've made plenty of mistakes this year, but instead of pouting and contemplating what I've done wrong, I'll celebrate the good and the bad because I would't be where I am today if I hadn't gone through what I've experienced in 2017.

Enjoy what's left of 2017 while you still can before you make a fresh start in 2018!