10 Things Australians Think About America
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10 Things Australians Think About America

America is a confusing place.

10 Things Australians Think About America
The Inertia

As an Australian, I have visited the United States countless times and currently have the pleasure of calling it home. Throughout my stays I have often found myself baffled, mystified and just straight up confused at some of the American ways. So I now present to you what I have walked away with.

1. Everything is so cheap


2. Why don't your crossing lights make noise?

I have missed the lights so many times. WHY DON'T THEY MAKE A NOISE? I will be talking to a friend and then BAM, I've missed the lights. Is there meant to be a sound? Is the volume just down? Where is the noise?

3. And what is this one-cent coin business?

Who came up with this insanity? What is the point of them? They take up valuable wallet space.

4. Why don't you do us all a big favor and add the sales tax to the price tag?

It just took me six minutes to count all my coins and get my correct change ready. Then I get to the counter and BOOM, sales tax added. #Shattered. Don’t tell me my jeans are $49.95. They are not $49.95. That is a lie!

5. 2 a.m. thoughts: why is your cheese orange?

Is anyone as freaked out by American's cheese as I am? Surely that's not natural.

6. Your portion sizes are HUGE

A small coke at McDonald's is more or less the size of a newborn baby. Hey, I am not complaining!

7. What is with Americans and ranch dressing?

Can someone please explain to me what ranch is? Like, what is it even made of? Why do you put it on everything?Why are you so obsessed with ranch?

8. There is so much water in your toilet bowls

What do you need all that water for? You could practically wash yourself in one of your toilets.


I love you guys.

10. Fahrenheit: why do you have to be so confusing?

And miles for that matter? And inches? Oh, and pounds…

I love this country.
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