10 Struggles Anyone With Pollen Allergies Relates To

It's that time of year again. As springtime approaches, the weather gets warmer, and the world comes alive. As plants finally begin to bloom, the air fills with pollen, and millions of people feel the awful effects of pollen allergies as they struggle through the next few months.

1. Crying over allergy medication

The only thing keeping me from dying every time I breathe is allergy medication. I know it says to take one pill every 12 hours, but three can't possibly hurt right??

2. Bringing tissues with you everywhere

What are you thinking? You can't leave the house without a healthy supply tissues.

3. Cringing at flowers

Internally screaming whenever you receive a bouquet of flowers because flowers are evil and will trigger a sneezing fit the second you touch them.

4. Not being able to step outside

For some people, this field of flowers looks like a beautiful place to frolic in. For me, it looks like an allergy attack waiting to happen.

5. Dying because your car is covered in pollen

Great, now I have to get my car washed on top of everything?? Thanks pollen.

6. Your eyes burn

No, I'm not crying, my eyes are burning because there are tiny yellow particles in them, thanks.

7. Being unable to eat certain fruits

Does your mouth feel funny after you eat certain fruits? That's pollen allergies!

8. Sneezing constantly

Thank you for saying bless you for the fifteenth time in the last three minutes, I'll be over here slowly dying.

9. Being unable to breathe

I will never take breathing out of both nostrils for granted again.

10. Constantly checking the pollen count

Sorry, my plans for today revolve around the pollen count and if I think I can go outside today without dying.

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