10 Things All Beach Bums Do
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10 Things All Beach Bums Do

When your happy place is the beach...

10 Things All Beach Bums Do
Ari Reyes

Beach Bums thrive off of being at the beach. We wait all year long for that first day we can break out the beach chair and cooler and head to our favorite spot. The beach is a way of life for beach bums.

1. Beach Bums Live in a Bathing Suit for a Few Months

For beach loving people, you thrive in a bathing suit on the beach. Sun tanning and swimming are two of your favorite pastimes and as soon as you get to break out your bathing suits again you get giddy. My favorite part of beach weather is finally showing off the new bikini I bought in the middle of a snowstorm because I missed the beach.

2. Flip Flops are a Necessity for Beach Bums

Flip flops are probably the best shoe to own, they’re comfortable and hassle free. Especially for those days when you need to throw on something quick and go or when you want to show off your pedicure. They’re also versatile, you can dress them up or down, they’re good for any occasion. I live for the day when I can finally break out my favorite pair of flops for the summer.

3. Beach Bums Aim to Always Leave the Beach Tanned and Glowing

This statement is pretty versatile. If you’re blessed or if you wear sunscreen (and reapply when needed), you leave with some new tan lines and that sun kissed glow that everyone dreams of. However, if you’re like me you put sunscreen on then forget you need more and accidentally cook yourself into a bright red lobster. You still glow, but in a different way, and if you’re lucky (so thankful that I am) it fades into that beautiful tan you were hoping for.

4. Beach Bums Always Put the Windows Down and Music Up on Their Way to the Beach

Personally, this is so one of my favorite parts of being a beach bum. You pile a bunch of people into your car put all the windows down and blast your favorite summer playlist. The warm air blowing throughout the car is very much welcomed as you take the (hopefully) short journey to your favorite beach.

5. Beach Bums Look Forward to Long Sunny Days and Even Longer Nights

True beach goers wake up at unwanted hours and throw all their beach supplies into the back of their car. The beach is an all day event from eight in the morning until six at night, then you head out with your friends and your freshly tanned skin for a long night full of memories.

6. Beach Bums Only Wake Up Early to get a Prime Beach Spot

This one is very important to true beach bums. Of course the summer is for sleeping in, but not on beach days. You get up around seven pack the coolers, throw everything in the car, and go. If you don’t show up to the beach at a reasonable time there is no way you’re getting a parking spot never mind a beach spot that is acceptable. You know? The one in between the muddy quicksand that you’ll slowly sink into and the devil burning the bottoms of your feet off sand.

7. Beach Bums Live for the Beach Ice Cream

Of course being at the beach is the best part of the beach, but the ice cream at the end of the day is a close second. You always get a big cone with sprinkles and it melts a little, but you try and finish the whole thing. A great end to a great day, even if it gets a little messy.

8. Beach Bums Always Go in the Ocean Even When It’s Freezing

Yes, many places have nice warm oceans that are beautiful and blue. However, if you’re like me and from a place like New Hampshire, the ocean is typically freezing and not so blue. As freezing as the water may be beach bums always go in. I mean did you really go to the beach if you didn’t surf the waves or boogie board? No, of course not! If you’re true beach bum you always get your butt in the ocean.

9. Beach Bums Plan Their Whole Schedule Depending on When There’s Good Beach Weather

Throughout the entirety of the summer many things are happening; people are working, kids go to camp, friends go on adventures, but beach bums make sure to plan at least one day a week where they can go to the beach. Everything revolves around the beach and you always find a time to go. I mean usually theres a only a few months out of the year when you can go. You have to take advantage of it.

10. Nothing Beats Salty Skin and Freckled Faces

The best beach days end with the faint smell of salt on our skin and with many, many freckles from head to toe. The goal of the summer is to acquire as many freckles as possible, and have the best tan you can.

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