10 Steps To Get Back Into School Mode
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Student Life

10 Steps To Get Back Into School Mode

Transition from Summer to Fall with these tips!

10 Steps To Get Back Into School Mode

1. School Supply Shopping

As cheesy at it sounds, new writing tools make a person feel some type of way when it comes to zoning back into academic mode. Tap into your 4th grade self who loved to shop for school supplies and treat yourself with a cute pencil case, fresh pack of highlighters, and a binder as motivation to read and take notes thoroughly. There is no better way to take notes than by enjoying the tools you write with during class. My personal favorite pen is a GTO7 gel pen. These babies work wonders and last forever!

2. Agenda Book

There is no point in getting an agenda if you will not use it so make sure that the agenda you choose will actually be utilized! Some things to look out for in an agenda are a reasonable size, enough room to jot down notes, a clear calendar and an easy format. Make sure to highlight important deadlines in there and organize your schedule as efficiently as possible. Time management is key in college and an agenda will assist you in juggling your work, clubs, classes and social life as best as possible. There are several smart phone agenda applications for those tech-savy students as well!

3. New season, New Clothes

A revamped fall wardrobe is a great way to kick-start the quarter. It’s okay to splurge on that sweater because feeling comfortable and good in your skin and what you are wearing can lead to higher productivity. Plus it’s always nice to leave a “put together” impression during that first week of school, even though you will probably show up to class in your PJ’s and a mug full of coffee by week 10.

4. Parking Permit

The most obvious things are sometimes the ones that leave us blindsided. This is a friendly reminder to purchase your parking permit because campus police are all eyes during the first weeks of a new quarter and are ready to hit you where it hurts if they don’t see an updated permit!

5. Budgeting on Books

The education system is rough, especially when you’re paying high prices for both textbooks and online programs to simply turn in your homework. Hustle on your college’s Facebook page and see if anybody is selling the books you need for your classes and look to alternative websites to get better deals. Also be sure to check the ratings of all your professors for the upcoming quarter so you can get an idea of what is to come, and if you even need a book. I’ve spent one too many quarters buying books I never used. Being patient and doing research can help you save money.

6. Clubs + Greek Life

Fall quarter is always the most social quarter where every student feels replenished and excited to see friends again. It is also the prime time to make friends. So be sure to check out what clubs are offered on your campus and go out to their meetings. Rush week is also an amazing time to mingle with accomplished girls and guys. Greek life can open doors to friends, networks and help increase your campus involvement. Spread your horizons and don’t be shy to join clubs, fraternities or sororities.

7. Office Hours

Even if you never go again, make sure you try to slide into your professors office hours during the first weeks of school. Just stop in to say hello and let them know you are excited to be in their class and learn from them during the quarter. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions like, “Do you have any suggestions of things I should do to best succeed in your class?” Professors love to see enthusiastic students who care. Once you establish that initial relationship, professors will notice you in their classroom and may give you that extra attention or eye. Being a “teacher’s pet” is sometimes necessary because you never know which professor will want to be your mentor or write you that golden recommendation letter in the future.

8. Library Lounging

Being in the library is kind of like being in the gym, seeing other people study motivates you to study. Being surrounded by books, students and headphones will help snap you back into academic zone. The library is a good place to take breaks between classes and run into classmates and friends. It’s a good medium between socializing and studying, depending on what floor you choose to go on.

9. Befriend your Classmates

Sit in the front of class and make friends with other likeminded people. You don’t want to be stuck doing the group project alone mid-quarter so make sure you keep your eye out during those first weeks of school and leave a positive impression on your diligent classmates. Establish study groups and exchange numbers early on. As DJ Khaled would say, this is a major key.

10. Be Excited!

Last but not least, be excited about school. Being a student is one of the best things in the world and a time of growth. It is a place to learn, apply knowledge, meet people and have fun. Being a student has so many perks so make sure you enjoy your classes, participate, and take advantage of the unique place you are in. Getting an education is a privilege and one we should not take for granted. Don’t be too hard on yourself, try your best and make the best of your college years.

Best of luck embarking the new academic year!

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