Top Ten Gifts For People Who Are Really Freaking Stressed

Top Ten Gifts For People Who Are Really Freaking Stressed

And No, A "Chill-Pill" Isn't One of Them

Despite the glory of the holiday season, this time of year tends to stress people out more than others.Therein lies the question: What kind of gift can you give to the most stressed out individuals you know to help them out?

1) An Intelex Cozy Plush Microwaveable Warmer for When You Need a Warm, Lavender-Scented Hug

2) A Weighted Blanket to Relieve the Anxiety and Weight of the World off Your Shoulders (Haha, see what I did there?)

3) A Cheeky Coloring Book For When You’ve Had Enough With Feelings

4) Heated Slippers to Warm Your Feet and Melt Your Worries

5) Bath Bombs for When You Need to Drown Your Problems and Smell Nice While Doing It

6) An Ocean Wave Light Reflector to Get into a Summer Holiday Mindset

7) A Himalayan Salt Lamp to Destress and Desaltify Your Soul

8) Some Facemasks for Soothing Your Face and Your Cares

9) A Cute Stress Ball to Crush Your Troubles

10) A Mini White-Noise Machine to Tune Out Negativity and Frustration

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Exploring The Korean Beauty Product Trend: Benefits Of Products, Reasons For Popularity

The reasons for continuous nature of this trend are beneficial for both your skin and wallet.

The internet has opened the door for many businesses to gain customers. Retail and clothing stores have been able to take advantage of online shopping. The cosmetic industry is another group that has been able to use the internet as a business tool, especially providers from other countries.

The Korean beauty industry has recently taken the world by storm, and the popularity is due to the game changing products and the accessibility of the products. Marie Claire, a beauty and fashion magazine and website, has named Korea the new skin care superpower, considering them approximately 12 years ahead of global skin care innovation.

What about Korea has created such a skincare powerhouse? Charlotte Cho, founder, an online store whose main focus are Korean beauty products, explains the mentality as a combination between high expectations and reasonable prices.

“Koreans are serious about their skin care. They also know what they want—innovation, gentle ingredients, pleasing packaging—and they definitely don’t want to pay a fortune for it,” Cho said.

Different Korean created beauty methods, such as BB creams and Cushion Compact makeup have made their way to the west, and have also been adapted by western cosmetic companies such as Lancôme and Rimmel London. BB cream, which was created in Germany but popularized in Korea, is a makeup product that acts as foundation, moisturizer, anti-aging cream and sunscreen.

Cushion Compact makeup, brings the wonder of a BB cream into the travel-size container that features a compact mirror.

Another plus side of the Korean skincare and makeup, is the fun and cute packaging. Tonymoly, a global cosmetic brand that specializes in Korean beauty products, is one of the cosmetic producers that makes purchasing and applying beauty products fun and entertaining with adorable packaging.

One of Tonymoly’s products, a peach infused hand cream, comes in a container shaped like a peach. The company also provides perfume bars that are found in cute, bunny-shaped applicators.

Natural ingredients are also a benefit to using Korean beauty products. Korean cosmetic brands tend to avoid chemical ingredients and instead incorporate natural elements like green tea, bamboo sap and bee venom. Even the masks, both sheet and wash-off are infused with herbs and real ingredients.

These products use the natural healing and moisturizing properties of these ingredients to treat the skin and keep it happy and healthy.

The Korean beauty products are not only good for your skin, they are also kind to your wallet and easy to find.

Different Koreatowns in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Huston have several different cosmetic stores specializing in these beauty products, and many Korean cosmetic brands have products available for purchase online. Both of these things make it is easy for American customers to join the fun with the new beauty trend.

The price of the products are also reasonable, and even a person with a tight budget can find a moisturizing sheet mask for only $2.

Korean beauty products have taken the cosmetic industry by storm, and they have continued to create new products with innovative beauty techniques.

With these new innovations, the recent trend of Korean cosmetics will not be stopping anytime soon.

Cover Image Credit: The Skin Care Blog

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10 Reasons Why Home Goods Is The Solution To ALL Of Life's Problems

The perfect store for your next retail therapy session awaits.


Let's face it- people will do anything to relieve the stress that occurs throughout their everyday lives. It turns out that a 2013 survey suggested that one in three recently stressed Americans were said to shop to deal with their stress, which turns into a whopping 91% of the population overall. Retail therapy is a real thing, people!

Although the summer feels — and everything great that comes along with it — are starting to settle in, there are definitely still everyday stressors that haunt everyone. Luckily for Americans, however, because Home Goods is here to help us all out. A lot of people may forget that this store even exists, and that is a shame because this is one that does not only fail to disappoint but can do wonders for the shopping soul. Have no fear, because Home Goods is here to solve all your problems one random item at a time!

They literally have everything you need (and don't need)

The aisles of Home Goods are filled with everything- from furniture and wall art to knick-knacks and statuettes. Whatever you are looking for you can most definitely find here, and even if you aren't looking for anything, in particular, you are bound to want to get something on your way out the door.

Even through the organized mess, it's still an aesthetic

The thing about the shelves at Home Goods is that they are the literal definition of an organized mess- in a good way! The aisles are categorized by item, but the shelves still look like they are a mess because the items are usually strewn all over. With all the different colors, shapes and sizes, it kind of makes the whole place look like a messy adventure.

It's a place where you can go if you're bored

It is always a good idea to go shopping when you're bored, but it's on a whole other level when it comes to Home Goods. Because of their diverse display of stock, this store is the perfect place for exploring and taking silly Snapchats with your friends. If you and your squad are ever bored this summer, you should definitely try this place for a new kind of shopping.

It's affordable- even for college students!

Every college student is aware that they have to be careful with how much money they're spending on the daily (even in the summer), but at Home Goods, everything is pretty much discounted or at a reasonable price. From everyday items to dorm necessities, plan to do your back-to-school shopping here instead.

For as inexpensive as it is, they still have really cute things

When people usually think of cheap stores they think the stuff they carry is not the best. Well, Home Goods is the perfect store because that reasonably priced stuff also happens to be really cute and one of a kind. Odds are you can't find these random items anywhere else, so pick them up before someone else gets a hold on them!

It's the PERFECT place for last-minute shopping

Because Home Goods has pretty much everything, this store is definitely qualified for being one of those you can go to for last-minute items. Whether it be last-minute Christmas shopping for your co-workers, finding cute napkins for the Thanksgiving table, or a birthday gift for a friend, Home Goods has got you covered.

You can easily treat yo' self on a bad day

Everyone deserves a pick-me-up after a bad day, and what better way do to that than some unique retail shopping. Browse the shelves and find something super random that makes you giggle or even weirdly fascinated. Whatever it may be, at least it's going to be cute AND super affordable!

They have something for everybody

The fact that this store has so much to choose from in different styles, there is bound to be at least something for everyone available here. From their kitchen section and decor to paperweights and stationary, this store has literally anything for anyone.

Their clearance section is the sh**t

Everybody loves the sales rack, and it's even better at an affordable store like this one. Filled with knickknacks you never thought you needed but simply cannot live without now, you can finally get those irresistible fairy lights for your room or that cute picture frame for your mom's desk at work. The best thing about this section is that it's always changing- guess you have to take a second trip!

It is a DIY haven

For anyone who loves to DIY, forget your local craft store and try this chain for a change. Craft stores tend to be on the expensive side at the least, and with this store, in particular, you can find more cool stuff to create new looks for less. In a word, Home Goods is where it's at.

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Francesca DiPisa

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