Come, indulge in all of your ~*feels*~ and bask in the glory that comes along with being an ENFP!!!!!

1. Friend: “What do you want to do when you graduate college, like career-wise?”

You, the ENFP: “Is ‘everything’ an option!!!!!”

Friend: *has been rendered speechless* …Okay, okay sure, you take your time, now.

2. You have two, and only two, emotional states: "Life is the most beautiful place in the world!!! Glory be!" and "OH MY GOD, I AM IN A GLASS CASE OF EMOTION AND EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART OH MY GOD HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN WHAT EVEN." (To be fair, the latter is probably due to your lack of organization… but hey, there’s something to be said for the true natural beauty that can only be found in chaos, amirite!? And you always get everything done anyway, soooo...)

3. When you want to invite friends over to your dorm room, but your floor is so hopelessly covered in textbooks and new clothes and worn clothes and empty food containers and bags of snack foods and adult coloring books and makeup remover pads and slightly-damp-from-three-days-ago towels that it’s probably just better if you didn’t… otherwise, they’d send in your name to be featured on the next episode of “Hoarders”!!! *dies*

4. *has a good conversation that eventually ends in a natural, positive way* Your thought process: Hmmm, I wonder if I offended them in some way….I just loved talking so much. That was so great! What a great conversation! Oh, I’m so sad it ended! OH MY GOD, WHAT IF I OFFENDED THEM SOMEHOW! WAIT! WAIT, COME BACK HERE AND LET ME LUV YOUUUU! LET ME JUST MAKE THINGS RIGHT, THAT’S ALL I WANT TO DO!!!!!

5. You've tried to plan out your day with a time-incremental schedule, but this schedule is, shall we say, no longer with us... *avoids making eye contact with the recycling bin*

6. You love everything and everyone. Even strangers. Hell, even your worst enemy! JK YOU DON’T HAVE ENEMIES, THEY’RE JUST PEOPLE YOU KNOW WHO DON’T HAVE SOULS, LAWLZ.

7. If we’re making plans, we can be sure you’ll either be half an hour early, or twenty minutes late. *shrugs* At least you show up, ya know?

8. That whole “you can’t be everything to everyone” thing is something you defy on a daily basis. You do it all. OMG, this basically means you’re a unicorn!!! #Neigh ;)

9. When you attempt to break up with someone, it feels like the Apocalypse has finally come. [Key word: attempt, because you will probably get back together ~at least~ thrice times before actually ending things…]

10. If you send a text message with less than approx. four emojis in it, then something is most deff wrong, and your friend knows to start apologizing immediately, even if they have no clue what they did to hurt you!

Sound familiar? Congrats, you're my fellow ENFP! *hugs you for a little too long*