10 Struggles All Science Majors Understand

10 Struggles All Science Majors Understand

You often question your sanity and cry often

With finals just around the corner, it's that time where all pre-medical students and STEM majors question their sanity in choosing to put themselves through this. Whether it's chemistry, biomedical engineering, nursing, or some other scientific field of study, every exam brings more doubt about whether or not you're cut out for this. But know that you're not alone - and all your fellow classmates understand your daily struggles.

1. The class average on an exam is under 50%

I know it's hard material, but doesn't it seem like the teacher could be doing just a little better job explaining these resonance structures so maybe one or two out of 300 students get above a 70?

2. Forgetting to bring your safety goggles to lab

There's nothing like sprinting back to your dorm to try and grab them before getting to lab... even though there's absolutely nothing that could harm your eye during this experiment, but god forbid your TA sees that you don't have them.

3. Studying

Trying to stay sane when all your business school friends are going out tonight because they don't have an exam for 2 days, but you're in the library until 4am studying for an exam that's over a week away. Or when you have to decide between sleeping, eating, or showering because you spent the rest of the time reviewing for your lab practical.

4. Hearing other majors complain about their 'hard' classes

Oh, you had to study for 5 hours for your exam? That's our warm up. Oh, you have so much homework? I wish I had homework as a grade buffer.

5. Textbooks that weigh as much as you do

Somehow, professors manage to assign the biggest, heaviest textbooks on the topic. And of course they're required (and $350 each). Your backpack nearly breaks at the seams every time you put your Biochem. and Anatomy textbooks in it.

6. Everyone asking you for medical advice

First of all, not every science major wants to be a doctor. But even if I do, I still have five bajillion years of school left, plus residency - so no I don't know what the random pain in your stomach is. But if you really want my educated opinion, you probably just ate too much Chipotle.

7. Never being prepared

You can do every practice problem in the book, review all the class notes, and highlight every page of the textbook, but no matter how ready you feel for that orgo exam, there will be some question on it that might as well be written in another language.

8. Constantly being called a nerd

Yes, I did get excited about a random fact I learned today. Yes, I'm going to tell you about it even if you don't understand. No, I don't think this is weird.

9. You're never the smartest in your class

In high school you were always the first done with your AP Biology exams, and studying was a breeze. All of a sudden, college came and you feel like you're a failure for no longer being able to get 100's on anything.

10. Questioning your sanity every hell week

When your Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics exams are all in the same week and you've already cried 4 times, you wonder why you are putting yourself through this. But at the end of the day you know it's worth it and you'd probably be miserable in any other major.

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The Stages of Procrastinating

Because yes, if you admit it or not, procrastination has hit us all at some point

 That big paper is due tomorrow, or that huge biology final is coming up. Your schedule has gotten hectic and you don't know how the heck to start working on that paper or study for that exam. The formal definition of procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. Yes, some of us are procrastinators on the daily, but for others, it only happens on a rare occasion. Whether we admit it or not, procrastination has hit us all at some point or another so far in our lives. If it hasn't hit yet, it inevitably will in the near future. Like it or not, here are the stages of procrastination.

You say "I'm going to get this project/essay/chore/etc. done right away"

You start out having a great confidence that you will get it done right away, when really, you definitely won't.

Distractions begin to kick in

Your phone lights up with Snapchats from your bestie. What if its an emergency?! You must open it right away, its for the best! Once your on Snap, you move on to checking your Instagram feed, which leads to a Facetime call with your long, lost friend. What project were you even working on to begin with? You've been on your phone too long to remember.

Lying to yourself and saying your "working" on the item that needs to get done

We all know that this happens: you open the Google Doc. or Word Doc. but it remains blank while you pet your dog, eat food, and scroll through all of your emails.

Skewed perception of minimal progress

Wow! You just got a page of your essay done! You excitement plummets as you realize its 12 a.m. and you still have 14 pages you need to do in order to have the 15 page essay done for class at 8 a.m...

Panic mode begins

You begin to panic as you realize 2 more hours went by and nothing got done. You quickly eliminate all distractions and get your ass in gear. You waited till last minute, but you will still put in a decent amount of effort.

You FINALLY finish and feel very accomplished

You finish the paper around 3 a.m. with eyes that keep going down. You pat yourself on the back and jump into bed. You swear to yourself it WILL NOT happen again.

Whether we like it or not, procrastination will always be a thing that sometimes seems unavoidable. But I promise, it is quite avoidable. Next time you get a task, try to get it done as soon as possible after getting it. Commit to the task, promise yourself a reward, minimize distractions, and keep your mind on it 100%. We all have and all will procrastinate at some point. But I promise you if you try hard, you will indeed get the task done and no last minute panic and stress will be on the table. I know you'll thank me later.


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18 Lessons That 4 Years Of Marching Band And Color Guard Taught Me

That one time at band camp...

In high school, I dedicated four years of my summers and falls to marching band, specifically color guard. Of those four years, I was in a leadership position for three. Let me just say, marching band picked me up by my attitude and threw me to the ground. As I look back on my time in marching band, I realized just how many things it taught me.

1. Keep your chin up, shoulders back, and chest forward... always

It is something that all band nerds know by heart, what all of our directors have yelled at us while our bodies are covered in sweat and all we really want to do is sit down and take a drink of water. My director told us to always carry ourselves with pride, even in the worst weather, even when you feel like you are despicable and worthless, you pick your chin up, put your shoulders back, and put your chest forward.

You got this. I cannot tell you how many times before an exam or interview that I stand at attention and hear her voice in my head, and my confidence is instantly boosted.

2. Always listen to and respect your peers

Marching bands are set up in sections, each with a section leader, who happens to be one of your peers. From the very start, you are forced to listen to one of your peers. The level of respect that I learned to have for others the first year in band shaped the rest of my high school life.

3. Never be afraid to book it to reach your endgame

When running drill, there have been multiple times when I have had to "book it" to get to my dot. I have learned that when I need to get somewhere, I should not be afraid to push myself to get to that point. So what that I might be tired or I do not want to do it, I still have to get to my dot. If you have to book it, you have to book it. Don't let anyone stop you from getting to your dot.

4. You're never as cold as you were that one game you forgot to wear your Under Armour

You might think that you're cold, but remember that one game at the end of the season that you thought that it wasn't cold enough to wear your Under Armour and that you would be fine, and then it was halftime and you couldn't feel anything and wow, it's cold... and then you realize that you will never be that cold again, so hey, it's actually pretty warm.

5. No matter how bad you want to move, hold your ground, maintain your attention

Four years of spending long amounts of time standing completely still, even when there is sweat running into your eye and bugs crawling up your legs, have taught me that I need to hold my ground. I was not allowed to move in those moments, so why should I let someone else's opinion sway me off my beliefs? Bad and terrible things can happen to you, but as long as you hold your attention, you can get through it and come out victorious.

6. Smile through it all

In my nightmares, I swear I hear both my director and my coach yelling at us to smile. Every run-through, every review of a selected piece of the music, smile, smile, smile. Smack yourself in the face? Smile. Boyfriend just broke up with you? Smile. Your entire life is falling apart? Smile.

No matter what is happening, put on a brave face and smile through it.

7. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

You can never, ever, ever use enough sunscreen. I forgot sunscreen the first day of band camp my senior year... boy did I learn my lesson.

8. Roll-steps are super useful in everyday life

I spent four years working on my roll-step, and I have found many uses for it in everyday life. Have a cup full of water, a large pile of books or other items, or need to be silent to sneak past your RA? Roll-step will get you through.

9. There's nothing that a water break can't fix

No matter how angry I was, how tired, or how fed up, a water break could fix it all, almost all of the time. I have found that when I am pissed off or anxious or depressed in my life, sitting myself down, getting a glass of water, and just sipping it slowly while I let my mind clear seems to be the best technique for me.

10. The best tan you will ever get is the tan from band camp

Point. Proven.

11. If you've suffered through band camp together, you can suffer through anything together

Once you have gotten through five days of absolute Hell and frustration, you can get through literally everything.

12. Go with the flow

Things change so fast in marching band. Last week your drill had you at the bottom hash of the fifty, but now you're dead center on the thirty, but are you going to question it? No. Just go with the flow of things, it will all be okay.

13. When it rains... it pours

And when it rains, your silk will no doubt stick to you with every pass of your body, and all of the woodwinds will be sprinting to grab their cases. All brass practice?

14. How to make the most out of nothing

It is no secret that marching bands are often one of the least funded clubs/sports (depending on how your school categorizes it) in a school setting. But still, with what little we have to work with, we still find a way to put on amazing shows and fundraise until we can't fundraise anymore.

The new uniforms and flag silks are worth it, even if it will be going towards next year's class and you're a senior.

15. If you put yourself out there, you can make friends anywhere

Every Friday night, you would be meeting a new band, making friends during the third quarter. Every week we would get practice with making friends. Trust me when I say that the friendships you make in marching band are ones that will never fade.

16. Perfect practice makes perfect results

Half-assed practices were a no-go. Anytime the band started deflating, our director would be sure to yell at us until we all perked back up. My most vivid memory of senior year was during band camp when my director has us all scream at the top of our lungs because we were all frustrated. It helped.

You cannot get something done unless you have to right attitude for it. If you are moping around and not giving 110%, then why are you even trying to do it at all?

17. If you think that you've reviewed enough, you haven't. Go again

You can have a perfect run through, but there is always something you can improve on. Keep pushing yourself and keep going over the same stuff over and over because you only have one chance to prove yourself.

18. Whatever you're going through, just remember that you have survived 4 years of band camp

Life likes to kick us on our asses and push our faces into the dirt. When I'm feeling down, I remind myself that I survived four band camps. I have survived four weeks of Hell. If I can do that, then I can do anything.

Cover Image Credit: Kelly Prososki

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