10 Struggles That Every Girl With Really Long Hair Knows To Be True
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10 Struggles That Every Girl With Really Long Hair Knows To Be True

It doesn't always make us feel like Rapunzel.

10 Struggles That Every Girl With Really Long Hair Knows To Be True
Carly Costello

There's long hair and then there's really long hair. There's the trendy hair that falls a few inches below the shoulder and then there's hair that goes past your elbows.

For us girls who don't just have long hair but really long hair, these everyday things are struggles that are far too real.


Coat zippers, pant zippers it gets caught in all of the above. Belts are also an issue.

Car doors

On those windy days when our hair is blowing everywhere, it easily will end up blowing up and getting shut in the car door. And it hurts, a lot.

Normal doors

When your hair goes past your waist, you get it stuck in normal doors too, especially when you can't feel it all the time.

Brushing it

I've broken the handles off of three brushes in the last five years trying to brush my hair. It's basically an upper body work out.

Washing it

Actually getting it all washed is extraordinarily annoying, rinsing out the shampoo and conditioner is a whole nother story that takes gallons of water. Honestly, us girls with really long hair are probably use the most water out of anyone when we try to wash and rinse our hair.

Buying shampoo and conditioner

Those nice little shampoos and conditioners that smell good and are great for your hair that are only 8 ounces last about a week and a half. And the ones that aren't a ridiculous amount of money that come in a larger size are full of plastic and gunk you don't want in your hair.

Blow drying it

Again, it should be considered an arm workout to blow dry your hair too. Blow drying your hair is like getting caught in a wind tunnel and in the end it somehow just ends up more tangled than it was when you started even if you brush it while you dry it.

Curling it

Good luck finding a curling iron long enough to fit all of your hair on it, you'll be even luckier to find a wand to fit it all on. And when you do find a curler long enough, it'll take at least forty-five minutes to get it all curled.

Letting it air dry

As we've already been over, blow drying it is a pain so when you do let it air dry, it just soaks the back of your t-shirt or whatever else you're wearing that day. And in the winter, you can't even think about letting it air dry if you have to leave the house at any reasonable hour, it'll end up freezing.

Getting it colored or cut

We used to have a JCPenney salon in my city and if your hair was past your shoulders you would pay $10 more for your haircut or style and if it was three inches past that you'd pay $15 more. Anywhere you go, you're more than likely not going to pay the price on the "menu" that you see when you first walk in. And if your hair is dark and you want to lighten it, you'll be handing out a fairly large chunk of change because the amount of bleach it will take to lighten it is going to be double whatever normal people pay

But even though those things might be a struggle, we still wouldn't dream of cutting our hair because we know we'd go crazy if we had short hair instead.

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