10 Spring Break Tips
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10 Spring Break Tips

10 Spring Break Tips
Julia Davis

Spring Breaking at the beach is super popular for people of all ages from middle school all the way to adulthood. It's especially popular among college students. I mean who doesn't love a beach trip with friends? Here are some tips to make your trip go a little more smooth!

1. Take cheap beach cups

Have a Yeti or Orca with a cute monogram? Yeah, don't take it to the beach! For one reason or another, it could get lost or stolen. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a cheap beach tumbler for your trip.

2. Label phone chargers

No matter how many people you have in a condo/beach house, chargers are bound to get mixed up, especially considering that most people use iPhone chargers. It never happens because someone was trying to steal someone else's charger but it's just bound to happen. Take some colored ribbon and assign each person their own color. Save each other from potentially having to drop a pretty penny on a new charger.

3. Plastic everything

If you have a lot of people staying in a condo bring some extra plasticware and paper plates. If not even to spare yourselves from having to split up dish duty, not every condo has enough plates and silverware for everyone to eat at the same time.

4. Water

It's no secret that beach tap water tastes kinda funky. Bring a Brita (or two) and/or buy a bulk pack of water bottles. Don't forget a sharpie to label the water bottles!

5. Eat in

Eating in is actually really smart at the beach. Plan easy meals that two or three people can cook that will serve everyone. You'll save some money and bond over cooking mishaps. (Here's where those paper plates and plasticware come in handy)

6. Bring Ramen

Lots of Ramen. We're college students and we LOVE Ramen. Speaking from experience, the ten of us staying in our condo at spring break went through 25+ packages of Ramen and 10 boxes of mac n' cheese before the week was even over. They're cheap, easy to cook and a fan-favorite. Get a bunch!

7. Plan when to eat out

Let's be real. You're at the beach and there are some really awesome places to eat out. PLAN AHEAD! Plan ahead even before your trip when and where you want to eat out. That way everyone can budget appropriately and look forward to some awesome food!

8. Plan to do laundry

Bring laundry detergent and dryer sheets. You'll have to wash towels at least a couple times depending on how many people you have and how long you're staying.

9. Bring a portable Bluetooth speaker

Bring one of those little portable speakers, preferably one that is waterproof. You probably have at least one friend who has one and it'll make your trip so much more fun!

10. Split up your money

Have about half of your money in cash and the other half on your card. That way if for some reason you lose one, you still have the other. This is just smart for travel in general.

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