10 Spring 2019 Trends From NYFW That You Need To Watch Out For
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10 Spring 2019 Trends From NYFW That You Need To Watch Out For

It might only be fall, but start preparing for spring.

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If there is one thing to know about the fashion world it is that it is always moving and changing. That sounds pretty obvious, and it is, but many people never really grasp how fast it is. We see it change from season to season when the new fashion trends hit the market and all your friends start wearing the same styles for the next six months, but it goes deeper than that.

Designers typically start their collections for one season a whole year in advance. So when we were raving about fishnets, athlesiure and velvet everything last fall, designers were brainstorming, creating, and re-working new trends that we are now seeing this fall like western, bold colors, and 80's inspired.

This brings us to this most important thing happening in fashion this week. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is in full swing and all designers and brands are revealing their Spring 2019 collections to the public. This week and the weeks to follow are some of the most important dates on a calendar for designers because they are revealing their Spring 2019 collections to the public. As an avid fashion-lover, I have been keeping my eyes glued to my phone looking at what the new trends for spring will be. Some of them are new, some are a continuation from this season's trends. I have to say, I am here for almost all of these trends and can't wait to see what trends people gravitate towards.

Here are 10 trends for Spring 2019:

1. Transparency or sheer

This trend has a few different ways to be described, the easiest of which sheer or see through. This trend has been used in dresses, but now we are seeing it translate into other forms of clothing like outerwear and pants.

2. Color Blocking 

Color blocking has made its appearance this fall and seems to be continuing into the spring. Personally, I am here for it! This trend can be fun to mix and match with your wardrobe and can come in a variety of color combinations.

3. Saturated Colors 

Saturated colors are a fun way to say hello to spring. They are a perfect trend to add to your closet and help add something color into your life!

4. Wide Legged Pants

Wider pant legs are all the rave currently and I'm loving it. Who doesn't love feeling free in a great pair of loose pants? No more feeling suffocated and uncomfortable in too skinny jeans!

5. Plaids

Plaids will forever be a trend; it's a classic pattern that works in every season! The exciting part is seeing how it will be used differently in Spring 2019!

6. Midi Length

Mid length is a huge trend for this fall and for spring 2019. If you have a love for skirts and dress 24/7, this trend is for you

7. Statement Earrings 

Statement earrings are another trend that seems to be here for the long haul. Each season they have gotten even bigger and better than the last!

8. Oversized Sunglasses 

Am I the only one thinking "Finally no more tiny sunglasses"? Because I am definitely a fan of oversized sunnies and will be spending my money on this trend!

9. Colorful Makeup 

This makeup trend seems to be all over the runway for Spring 2019. This trend can turn a darker outfit into something a bit brighter.

10. 60's inspired handbags

We can thank the '60s for this inspiration for the boxier shapes and smaller sizes! Smaller handbags seem to be another big trend for the spring!

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