10 New Songs To Add To Your Driving Playlist
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10 New Songs To Add To Your Driving Playlist

New music suggestions to add to your playlist for late night drives, or anytime you want!

10 New Songs To Add To Your Driving Playlist
Photo by Peter Fazekas from Pexels

One of the few small joys of living in a small town are the stretches of long road where you can drive, windows down, and scream your favorite songs. There are few other things that can match the cathartic experience and personal freedom felt while rushing past all of the normal landmarks in your town now warped by the darkness. All of this is only made better by the perfect playlist.

1. "Block Your Number" by Maude Latour

@maudelstatus on Instagram

In my humble opinion, this song embodies everything a car-ride song should. After the first listen you are hooked simply by how fun the song is to listen to. But if you listen multiple times the lyrics jump out as sad but perfectly said. Maude's music is always intentional and she has talked about how she means every single word of her music. If you're in the market for some break-up, nostalgia, and dance music all in one, check out all of Maude Latour's music.

2. "Sixteen" by Oscar Welsh

@oscarwelsh_ on Instagram

This song is for those of you looking for something a bit more calm. If your looking for a song that gives you the same feeling that your really cool local coffee shop music does, this needs to be on your playlist. However, it gained a spot on this specific list because it begs to be sung! Roll the windows down, turn the radio up all the way, throw your hands out, enjoy the good music, and thank me later.

3. "Ruthless" by The Marias

@themarias on Instagram

The best way I can describe this song to you guys is one word: groovy. This song over the radio fills anyone in the car with an immediate need to move, which automatically makes it eligible for this list. The jazz elements to this song make it perfect for a night time drive where you can imagine you are anywhere but your small town roads. Live out your favorite jazz lounge fantasies with this playing lightly in the background.

4. "Pink Pony Club" by Chappell Roan

@chappellroan on Instagram

Before you consider this song let me ask you a couple of questions. Do you relate to the movie "Lady Bird" at all? Are you an angsty teenage girl or do you feel like an angsty teenage girl? If you answered yes to either of those please download this song to your phone as soon as you can. If you answered no, first of all good for you, second of all, you will still definitely love this song. It reminds me of the scene in movies where the teenage girl is jumping around in her undoubtedly pink room singing into her bedazzled hairbrush. Oh, and it's the 80's. For lack of better words, its a head-banger.

5. "Kyoto" by Phoebe Bridgers

@_fake_nudes_ on Instagram

This song is my current obsession so I had to add it to this list. It's a sad story covered in dazzling music that gives me a feeling of wanderlust. It starts out more calm but it builds into the best song to belt out at the top of your lungs. Sometimes that is all you need.

6. "Gimme Love" by Joji

@sushitrash on Instagram

If you're searching for music that will instantly put a smile on your face for a solid 3 minutes, this if for you. Instantly giving you serotonin and solid dancing beats, this is just a staple song for when you need some happy time. Picture this: you're at a party with your friend having an okay time, but then this song comes on. Your eyes instantly lock and you both smile at each other because you know that for the next three minuets, joy will fill the room. That feeling is exactly what this song exudes.

7. "Dontmakemefallinlove" by Cuco

@cucopuffs on Instagram

Yes, all one word. "Gimme Love" and "Dontmakemefallinlove" go so well together. They both carry the same energy of just simple, happy beats. This song reminds me of the inevitable montage that is included in all coming-of-age movies. The part when everything is happy and good and the main character has finally found themselves in a place where they can finally be content. Living out your own main character montage moment is something everyone needs once in awhile.

8. "Bulldog" by LAUNDRY DAY

@daundrylay on Instagram

Electric guitar solo, sparkling backup music, extremely exciting beats. What more do you want? Not technically a song to sing along to but that does not take away from the magic of this song. Another one of those that gives you an instant smile that continues throughout the whole song.

9. "Furniture" by Maude Latour

@maudelstatus on Instagram

I had to include her music twice, it's just too good. This song will give you all of the emotions and the delicious drama of having that one person that you just have to avoid at all costs. It includes the added bonus of enjoying the perfect song and not actually having to avoid someone. Perfect to scream-sing along to as well.

10. "Dancing in My Room" by 347aidan

@347aidan on Instagram

This song is best paired with close friends. The feeling that this song exudes is when you first have a crush on someone and the thought of them excites you. Basically, the part of the relationship that is still loving and makes you giddy. If you are chasing that feeling my best advice is to just listen to this song and swerve all of the dramatics that comes with relationships.

I hope, no matter your music taste, that you leave this article with some new tunes to bring you some joy. Maybe even a new found appreciation for your small town roads and all that they do for you.

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