10 Songs On My Journaling Playlist
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10 Songs On My Journaling Playlist

Here's some songs to listen to as you write.

10 Songs On My Journaling Playlist

Over the past few months, I have begun journaling every night before bed. I first read aloud the current goals I have set for myself, then write down one moment from the day that brought me happiness, and continue to reflect on the entire day and sometimes what life is like at that point in time.

Next, I read aloud things we all crave others to say to us but we should really be saying to ourselves such as "I want to build a loving relationship with you", "you are enough", etc. Finally, I switch to my five-year journal and answer that day's question. It has been a great way for me to connect with myself, strengthen my mental health, and develop a healthy sense of routine.

I, however, am basically incapable of functioning in a silent environment, so I ALWAYS turn on some good tunes to journal along to. Here are ten of my go-to's!

1. 'Turbulence' — Jonah Kagen

Jonah Kagen doesn't have a super-wide catalog but what he does have out there is brilliant and perfect for journaling!

2. 'Let Her Remember' — Peter McPoland

3. 'Lay It on Me' — Vance Joy

4. 'Strawberries' — CAAMP

Seriously, almost any CAAMP song is perfect for journaling or any other feel-good occasion.

5. 'November' — Max Richter

Max Richter is a great artist to turn to if you can't have singing in the background!

6. 'The Blower's Daughter' — Damien Rice

7. 'Woodland' — The Paper Kites

8. 'Somewhere in Ann Arbor' — Anson Seabra

9. 'Pick and Choose' — Daniel Nunnelee

This is a nice, peaceful, and happy piece to play in the background during times of reflection.

10. 'Anchor' — Novo Amor

Honestly, any of the artists above will have plenty of great selections for music to journal to, so if you really like one of them, I definitely recommend going down the rabbit hole!

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