Food is an essential part of every college student's dorm room. We need these snacks for when we feel super stressed from all the work we accumulated or when we just feel super lazy walking anywhere out of our dorm room. These snacks become a crucial part of our daily lives and we begin to rely on them more than we anticipate.

1. Granola Bars

Granola bars are the best on-the-go breakfast food when you have an early morning class or just do not have time to go to the dining hall to eat!

2. Popcorn

Microwavable popcorn is a necessity when you're stressed out and need to binge eat something late at night or throughout the day when you are stressed out.

3. Mac & Cheese

Mac & Cheese is the holy grail of dorm room dinner foods when you are feeling late night cravings or just to lazy to walk to the dining hall.

4. Chips

Chips are the perfect study food when you are stressed and need to snack on something while studying for those exams.

5. Cereal

Cereal is another breakfast food that every college student should have in their rooms, but you can munch on cereal any time of the day and don't even need milk to complement it!

6. Ramen

Ramen is another dorm food that you need after a long night of studying and need something to eat late night.

7. Cookies

Cookies are the best foods to eat when you feel super stressed and need a little sugar to help you stay awake.

8. Pretzels

Pretzels are the best salty snack you need to munch on when you had a long day and need something to ease your hunger!

9. String Cheese

String cheese is a good healthy option to substitute when you are trying to be healthy and need a snack to munch on when your in the need of something super good, but also something hearty.

10. Nuts

Nuts are necessary to help you stay healthy while trying to eat something when you want something to eat while studying but don't want to be unhealthy.

These snacks will serve you during your stressed out moments and allow you to eat between classes or activities! Being stocked on snacks is one of the biggest blessings any student could have.