10 Simple Pleasures for the Month of October
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10 Simple Pleasures for the Month of October

It's the spookiest time of year! Here's how to make the most of it.

10 Simple Pleasures for the Month of October

October is the height of the fall season, which means all the coziness and scary-ness you've been looking forward to. Take a look at this list for some extra ideas on how to enjoy it as much as possible.

1. Indigenous Peoples Day


The first holiday of the month is Indigenous Peoples Day- a celebration of the Native American tribes who have called this country home for millennia. This recognition took the place of Columbus Day as a condemnation of Columbus' heinous historical actions and a long overdue acknowledgement of the native peoples who lived here long before Columbus' arrival.

2. Halloween


The last day of October means it's time for my favorite holiday, Halloween! There's nothing better than carving pumpkins, dressing up, watching scary movies, and taking candy from strangers. Happy Halloween!

3. Opal and Tourmaline


One of October's birthstones is the opal, a milky white gem that glints with every color in the rainbow. This is fitting since opal's original name, 'Opallios' means "to see a change of color." Opals represent lightness, self-worth, and potential.


Tourmaline is the second of October's birthstones. This gem, often a dark pink, and is a symbol of humanitarianism, compassion, and sympathy.

4. Marigolds


October's flower is the marigold, a vibrant, ruffled flower that ranges from bright yellow to gold to deep orange. Marigolds represent cheer, wealth, and respect.

5. Apple Cider Mimosa


Every month should have its own special drink, and October is no different! Enjoy the fall season with this incredibly simple Apple Cider Mimosa. Get the recipe here: https://www.society19.com/fancy-christmas-cocktails-recipes-for-your-holiday-party/ (or just look at the picture above)!

6. Colorful Leaves


Fall is in full swing, which means vibrant leaves of all colors hanging from the trees and blanketing the ground- red, yellow, gold, and orange. Go for a walk and enjoy the landscape, or rake up the ones that have fallen and jump into a pile!

7. Candles


Whether it's jar candles to make your house smell like pumpkin spice and cinnamon, or stick candles with dripping wax to set the spooky mood, candles are a must have this time of year.

8. Scary Movies


October means bingeing all the scary movies! It doesn't matter whether your a scaredy cat (like me) or stone-cold, there are plenty of movies for everyone- goofy, old ones like Beetlejuice and Young Frankenstein, kids ones like Scooby Doo the Movie and Ghostbusters, and truly scary horror films like The Conjuring and The Shining.

9. Jack-o-lanterns


One of the most popular activities of the month is pumpkin carving! Plus, after scraping out the pumpkin guts, cutting a cool design and lighting it with a candle, you can roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty treat.

10. Bonfires


Having a bonfire by the lake in the summer is nice, but it's even better when you need to warm up from the cold weather and have some hot dogs and marshmallows to roast!

October has got it all- trick-or-treating, cool weather, and plenty of scary movies. Have fun this fall!

PS: Shoutout to all the Libras and Scorpios!

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