Have you ever heard that saying "every friend group has the 'mom friend,' and if you don't know who it is then it's probably you?" Are you now sitting there wondering what exactly that means and whether or not it describes you? If it is, congrats. You're probably the strength and support of your friend group! If you aren't sure, check these tell-tale signs.

1. You always D.D.

2. Whenever someone is upset, you're there to take care of them.

3. If there's a stressful situation, you always take charge.

4. You mediate the drama.

5. Most of your friends go to you for advice.

6. Whether it's snacks, Advil, super glue, or condoms- you're always prepared.

7. You make all the plans.

8. Even if you do get drunk, you're still the responsible one.

9. You stand up for your friends no matter what.

10. You're as supportive as anyone could be.