10 Signs You're An Alpha Phi

1. You’re constantly searching for new “phi” puns to add in Instagram captions.

"My sisters are PHIre!" Nope, already used that one..."Young, wild, and PHI?" That's the one!

2. You throw what you know whenever you get the chance.

You don't have to be wearing sorority letters to rep Alpha Phi - you know how to make an "A" and an "Φ" with your hands in the blink of an eye. You're also pretty used to putting one palm on top of another and raising them to the sky.

3. We love our girl Martha Foote Crow!

This inspirational woman was one of the most significant founders of Alpha Phi as well as the very first National President...what a rock star!

4. You blame Alpha Phi for your child-like tendency to sleep with a stuffed teddy bear.

“You still sleep with teddy bears?”

“Um, no...it’s my Phi Bear! It's a 'sorority thing.'”

5. Rocking red dresses and being philanthropic is second nature to you.

Alpha Phi's main philanthropic event is the Red Dress Gala. Everyone enjoys great food, company, and a sea of ladies clothed in red dresses! All the proceeds go to women's cardiac care.

6. You kick heart disease’s butt every year.

The annual Heart to Heart Grant donates $100,000 to medical professionals, all to combat women's heart disease.

7. You have mastered the art of Greek pronunciation.

"Alpha...is it 'fye'?"



You get it, it takes some getting used to.

8. Ivy leaves have made your list of cute-house-décor.

It's Alpha Phi's famous symbol! Talk about poison ivy, it’s contagious...and pretty aesthetic especially when draped around your house.

9. You have a mental script memorized for whenever someone asks what a little, glittle, big, and gbig is.

It's like my little sister, but obviously not literally my sister, and I'm gonna be a grandma, with a grandkid, but not like that kind of gran-...it's hard to explain.

10. You have an incredible group of life-long friends and sisters who you can always count on.

You grow with these girls, experience amazing times with them, and simply experience life together in such a unified way. The members of your sorority start to become so much more than just that - genuine friendships are made and you meet girls you never knew you could've lived without.

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