10 signs you are a RENT-head
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10 signs you are a RENT-head

10 signs you are a RENT-head

1.You take pride in knowing Idina Menzel before Frozen, and even before Wicked.

Everyone has heard “Let it Go," but your love of Idina’s beautiful voice goes deeper than that. Because no one has truly experienced Idina until they’ve listen to “Take me or Leave Me.”

Idina Menzel also happens to be performing at Richmond's Altria Theater on Tuesday, July 7th. Grab some tickets and see her perform live! http://www.livenation.com/events/416931-jul-7-2015....

2. The way you give advice to friends and family has been permanently changed by RENT. You utilize pearls of wisdom you inherited from the show on a daily basis.

3. You would marry anyone that would sing Rent karaoke with you.

All you want is to hit up a karaoke party (do people still have those?) with a guy or gal and sing one of RENT's show-stopping anthems...at the same time your lack of a karaoke partner doesn't stop you from singing both Roger and Mimi's parts in "Another Day".

4. You were a tad disappointed by the movie version. But are still extremely happy it exists because RENT deserved a movie adaptation. Rosario Dawson as Mimi is something that as a RENT-head I was pleasantly happy to get behind.

5. The chances of you crushing on one of the original cast members is huge.

Maybe Anthony Rapp? Taye Diggs? I’ve spent much of the last three years with a mega crush on Daphne Rubin-Vega and Idina Menzel. Dear lord that is a decision I hope I never have to make. And at the same time I also really do.

6. You have memorized Jonathan Larson’s life story. You know all the little things about his life that influenced his work.

Many know that Jonathan Larson walked the walk, living in the Bohemian Lower East Side, NYC. But there's a lot of facts that sometimes go unrecognized. Here’s a few facts on the mad genius himself:

-He grew up as an actor first, composer second, until a good friend told him “There are more out of work actors in New York City than composers.” That friend being a rather unaccomplished man by the name of Stephen Sondheim.

-He introduced himself to acquaintances as “The Future of American Theater”.

-He once broke up with a girlfriend because she claimed he couldn’t write a gospel song, just rock and roll. It was this incident that led to the creation of the immensely popular Act 2 opener “Season of Love”.

7. Neil Patrick Harris was Mark Cohen in one of RENT's touring productions. Yes this is a thing. Not really a sign you're a RENT-head, but I feel like this video alone was worthy of it's own bullet point.

8. You sing “La Vie Boheme part A and B” on a regular basis, and bask in the light headed feeling that results from belting all 10 minutes of it.

9. You fan girl anytime RENT appears in pop culture. And wish your friends were more into the show so they could appreciate all the little references the way you do.

10. Whether you are walking to class or biking down the streets of the Lower East Side's Avenue B, you kill the time by humming one of RENT's many infectiously catchy tunes.

Are you a RENT-head that is interested in more of Jonathan Larsons work? If so, please check out:

TICK, TICK, BOOM was originally performed by Jonathan Larson as a Rock Monologue in 1989. After his death it was converted to a three person stage musical. Fans of RENT will love the story based on Jonathan’s decision to continue composing as he turns 30. The music is extremely different from that in RENT, but in a good way. Check out the songs 30/90 and louder than words and let the binge ensue.

After "Tick, Tick, Boom" go on Itunes and check out “Jonathan Sings Larson” an album featuring many of Larson’s hits sung by Larson himself. Listen to him sing "Seasons of Love", "La Vie Boheme" or "Finale B" and try your best not to cry (even though that's impossible).

Lastly, go on YouTube and check out the original RENT demos. They include great songs that ended up being cut like “You’ll Get over it” (Replaced by Tango:Maureen). Also the opening number we have come to know as "Rent" is an extremely different song lyrically and is instead called “Splatter”.

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