10 Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

10 Signs You're A Crazy Cat Person

If there's any kind of crazy someone wants to be, it's cat crazy.

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I grew up on cats. Consequently, I've loved cats since I was a kid. My love for cats became extreme when I received my very own kitten for Christmas one year and he became the only thing I could talk about. My friends, family, and everyone else started referring to me as "cat crazy." I decided to take pride in that title and make this list of what, exactly, makes a person cat crazy. I'm sure you'll all relate. Enjoy!

1. Half of the photos in your phone are of your cat.

I’m not even exaggerating.

2. You talk to your cat like you would talk to an infant.

In that really high-pitched, obnoxious voice? You know what I’m talking about.

3. You have a custom-made blanket with your cat’s face on it.

I mean, it was a gift, but the fact that someone close to you thought, “She would love a blanket with her cat’s face on it!” still shows a lot.

4. You buy him/her cat treats even when they’re 200 miles away.

Buying tuna-flavored cat treats at Walmart gives me the false hope that I’ll drive home and find my cat there waiting.

5. You keep buying your cat clothes even though you’re poor.

A new Halloween costume every year, a Santa hat for Christmas time, and a cute t-shirt for good measure.

6. You jump at the chance to talk about your cat.

“Oh, Janice just had her baby? That’s great news! Reminds me of my baby, in fact. Well, it’s actually a cat...”

7. Every time you see a cardboard box on the street, you have to stop and make sure there isn’t an abandoned kitten in it.

Have you ever seen Oliver and Company? We don’t want another Oliver!

8. One of the first things a friend that you haven’t seen in a while asks you is, “How’s (insert cat’s name here)?”.

It’s a standard topic in my conversations.

9. Your bio on every social media platform has the word ‘cat’ somewhere in there.

My go-to is, “I’m a big fan of cats, books, and Taylor Swift.” The best combination, really.

10. Every time you spot a kitten, you need to pet it immediately.

There is no such thing as an ‘okay’ kitten. There are only cute kittens.

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