Sometimes we can't wait for the warmer weather so that we can enjoy some time outside. When that weather actually comes, we can fid ourselves needing a break from the heat and opting to spend some days inside. Besides, in the midsts of college, it can become difficult to find the time to relax and spend hours watching T.V. ( or at least to be able to watch it guilt free). Spending a hot summer day, in the cool AC snacking on some fruit and binge-watching Netflix is a perfectly relaxing summer day.

This list is different than just the best TV shows. Some shows are great television but not binge-able. These are shows that you could fill your entire day with and not even care.

1. Grey's Anatomy 

Nobody knows where they might end up.... except for you, because you've watched each season religiously.


FRIENDS will be there for you.

3. The Office 

You can't seem to turn away despite how cringey Michael Scott can be

4. Gossip Girl

The more episodes you watch, the closer you are to finding out who gossip girl really is.

5. New Girl 

You're not sure who makes you laugh more...Jess or Schmit

6. Gilmore Girls

Because watching this will make you feel a little better about your coffee obsession

7. Arrested Development 

Just when you thought YOUR family dynamic was crazy.

8. The Good Place 

Everyone wants to go to the good has to be better than the bad place

9. Parks and Rec

Leslie Knope... a QUEEN

10. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Think the office but in a police station