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10 Short Girl Problems That Are Just Too Real

And extremely relatable.

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If you are 5'3 or under, then you more than likely have noticed the inconveniences of your short stature. However, the rest of the world, who can actually see above crowds and reach things on shelves, probably have not. Here are 10 things that every short girl can relate to and every tall person just wouldn't understand.

1. You get picked up. Constantly. 


For some reason when you're a short, small person, people just want to pick you up. If I had a dollar for every time someone said, "You're so tiny, I bet I can pick you up" and then proceeded to hoist me in the air, I would be rich.

2. Forget wearing pants, rompers, or maxi dresses, they are ALWAYS too long. 


During my latest shopping mishaps, I searched for hours for dress pants that didn't make me look like I was actually drowning in them and ended up giving up for the day. The same happens with long rompers and maxi dresses. They just make me look like Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, duh) when she ate the cookie that says "Eat Me" and then shrunk almost completely out of her clothes.

3. Reaching things is an olympic sport. 


Just the other day, I had to scale an enormous shelf in Walmart just to get the box of Cliff Bars that I wanted. Scaling and climbing things is nothing new. In fact, it's an ever day occurrence. But, when you need something that is on the top shelf or in the top cabinet, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

4. Seeing at a concert or event is never a possibility. 


Tall people, tall people everywhere. Can't see for miles. Tippy toes? Does nothing. Thank goodness for the big screens, that are high enough for even the shortest person to see them, that show the performers or else you wouldn't be seeing that famous new singer you've been wanting to see so badly.

5. Gaining or losing weight is MUCH more noticeable. 


Short people are much more compact, this means any weight we gain or lose, even if it is just a few pounds, becomes increasingly noticeable! A few pounds look like 50 pounds, easily!

6. Do your feet touch the ground when your on the toilet? Mine don't. 


Using the bathroom = not touching the ground. Sitting in a desk at school = not touching the ground. Sitting on the couch at home = not touching the ground. See the trend here?

7. Adult shoes? Nah, you'll find me in the kid's section. 


Yes, my feet are tiny. No, I can't find adult shoes that fit. But let's be honest, kid's shoes are cheaper than adult shoes. So, who's the real winner here?

8. Do I look like a prop to you?


Just because I'm shorter than you and at a perfect height for you to stick your elbow out on and prop yourself on, doesn't mean you should do it. I am not here to be used for your comfort or convenience!

9. Crop tops aren't cropped!


Crop tops? What are those? Even the shortest of crop tops are still just regular shirts on my unusually short torso.

10. No, I'm not 12. Yes, I know I look young. 


I am 21, but I look 12. People comment on this all the time and even when they don't comment it is still easy to tell what they are thinking. Just the other day, I went to the movies to see an R rated movie with a group of friends. My boyfriend and I walked into the movie first, we got carded TWICE.

The other couples walked in after us, not one of them got carded. Afterward, I made a comment about it to my boyfriend (who is actually younger than me, but doesn't look like it) and he admitted that the only time he every gets carded for anything is when he is with me. Curse my young appearance!

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