10 Things You Can Relate To You If You Hate Overpacking For A Trip
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10 Things You Can Relate To You If You Hate Overpacking For A Trip

*sits on bag to zip it up*

10 Things You Can Relate To You If You Hate Overpacking For A Trip

If you clicked on this, chances are you are one of those people (including myself) that never manages to pack their suitcase at a "reasonable" weight. Here are some struggles we can all relate to during the busy traveling season - you are not alone.

1. Forty pounds is considered "packing light"

Your usual range is anywhere above the high forties. People would never believe you packed anything less than that. #amiracle

2. All it takes is a little wiggle.

*When the maximum weight limit is 50 pounds but the nice supervisor moves your bag around until it hits 49.9*

3. The length of the trip doesn't matter.

Four days or twelve, your suitcase always seems to be packed to its fullest.

4. You pack a week in advance.

Taking out clothes, waiting it out, putting it back in, adding new things, throwing in a million pairs of underwear, you know the drill.

5. The rolling method is your best friend.

But then again, fold and roll where necessary. We need all the help we can get.

6. Overpacking is usually the case.

Better safe than sorry though, am I right or am I right? You never know when you go out to a fancy dinner or get caught in the rain (even if the forecast says it'll be sunny all week!). But, you still end up wishing you brought that cute top you thought about because now would be a really good time to wear it.

7. Shoes are your worst enemy.

Keeping a designated shoe pile going to increase the weight of your luggage, but we can't decide which pair to take out because we seem to need all of them! *ends up wearing two pairs the entire trip*

8. Pulling your suitcase is a whole new workout.

Through the airport, into the car, off the carousel, through the hotel... That's about 300 calories burned, no?

9. Doesn't matter how often you travel.

Your bags will never get lighter. No matter how hard you try you are ironically considered the "unprofessional traveler", even though you travel an abundant amount of times.

10. Carry-Ons are your best friend.

More room to fit more things?! Don't mind if I do.

Packing could be the most stressful part of your vacation. From checking the weather app a million times to see what you need, to thinking about the activities you'll do at your destination, it's quite an exhausting process. But no one has it harder than those traveling to ski destinations with their thick gear and equipment. Major respect.

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