10 Reasons You Should Watch "Person Of Interest"
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10 Reasons You Should Watch "Person Of Interest"

In a society where media is being constantly criticized for its lack of diversity and representation, "Person Of Interest" is a breath of fresh air.

10 Reasons You Should Watch "Person Of Interest"
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We live in a time when most TV shows provide us with mindless drivel, rehashing the same plotlines to the point where you can predict a whole season of any comedy, drama, or police procedural. And there’s nothing wrong with watching shows like that. We all need ways to relax and something that is sure to make us laugh sometimes. Other times, though, you find yourself skipping through your TV guide for hours, looking for something different. "Person of Interest" is that something. Here’s why:

1. The writing

The writers of "Person of Interest" are so incredibly talented. It’s produced by Jonathan Nolan ("Interstellar"), Denise Thé ("Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles"), Greg Plageman ("NYPD Blue"), J. J. Abrams ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens"), and Bryan Burk ("Star Trek"). Does this not sound like the most amazing collaboration ever? We have producers experienced with writing substantial scripts in the genres of Sci-fi, drama, comedy, and procedurals, which are all touched upon in the show. Not to mention the fact that they never “dumb it down” for the audience and instead stick to their smart and fresh writing style. You actually feel smarter after watching the show.

Photo Credit: Noam Galai

2. Racial diversity in casting

Not only is one of their main characters a woman, she is an African-American woman played by the amazing Taraji P. Henson who you may know from the show "Empire." Her character, Joss Carter, is former military and currently an NYPD detective who worked to take down corrupt cops. Her character is one of the most inspiring. Other ethnicities are represented in the characters of Sameen Shaw who is of Persian descent and Leon Tao who is Chinese.

3. Representation of People with Physical Disabilities

Two of the main characters in the show are physically disabled. Harold Finch, creator of the "Machine," had sustained injuries that left him with a rigid posture and a limp, but we rarely see him let himself be held back by them. Instead, he is a vital asset to the team in terms of tech support and field work. Another main character, a former killer for hire and current hacker named Root, is deaf in her right ear and instead of mentioning it only once, it is often brought up when other characters need to be reminded. Like Harold, she overcomes her disability and is a vital field agent. Neither of their injuries are over-dramatized or made a mockery of.

4. Representation of people with mental illness

As previously mentioned, one of the main characters is a woman named Sameen Shaw. She suffers from an Axis II personality disorder which, in her case, means she doesn’t feel or experience emotions the same way other people do. She often uses this to her advantage to intimidate criminals or to explain her actions. She never is written as a character to be pitied, but instead as an inspiring woman who refuses to see herself as less than what she is just because someone tells her she is different. She is unapologetic about who she is and I wish everyone was that sure of themselves.

5. The friendships

Almost every friendship in the show is one to write home about. The characters’ personalities are as diverse as those of in "The Breakfast Club," yet they all manage to work harmoniously to save people. In light moments, their bickering feels like the type you’d hear at the dinner table with your siblings and parents. Just like your family, the gang loves each other and never shies away from expressing it in troubling times (although they each have their different ways of doing so).

6. LGBTQA+ Representation

Okay, get this: The main romance on the show is between two women. One of them is Shaw, a person of color with a mental illness and the other is Root, who has a physical disability. Their relationship maintains the perfect balance of flirtation and seriousness and is so finely woven into the storyline that none of the characters ever have to make overt references to the fact it is there. The show also does a great job of negating the slur “no homo” that we hear guys often say when they are defensive over their close relationships with other males. When the friendship between Finch and John Reese is mistaken for a relationship, neither care or try to correct it because they are not offended by how close they are and also do not see being called “gay” as problematic in the first place.

7. The dog

His name is Bear. He steals the show every time he comes onscreen, which warrants him his own bullet point.

8. Plot relevance

A story about how a guy creates an artificial intelligence that is so smart, it can predict crimes before they happen by analyzing Big Data. It's also a story about how that technology can be used for nefarious purposes if left in the wrong hands. Sounds a lot like where our society is heading as our artificial intelligence programs and technology in general become more and more sophisticated. It really makes you question whether progress will be our savior or our downfall.

9. The location

The entire show takes place in the one and only New York City. They’ve filmed everywhere from the Boat Pond in Central Park to the Bull Statue to the NYC Public Library. They’ve also shot scenes in various locations in Queens and Upstate NY. If you’re a native New Yorker like I am, you might even have seen them working. Either way, it’s a cinematographer’s dream come true.

Photo Credit: Jessica Kraker

10. The cast

What really makes a show are believable characters and you can’t have those without talented actors and actresses. That’s exactly what PoI gives us. The main cast are all very experienced when it comes to dramas: Amy Acker ("Angel"), Jim Caviezel ("The Passion of the Christ"), Kevin Chapman ("Brotherhood"), Michael Emerson ("Lost"), Taraji P. Henson ("Empire"), and Sarah Shahi ("The L Word"). They work hard to make the show’s phenomenal scripts come to life in a way that leaves us rooting for the characters as if they are real people. Their chemistry is apparent both on and off set (check out their interviews on YouTube!), which just makes the show feel more genuine.

Photo Credit: Noam Galai

If I haven’t convinced you to watch "Person of Interest" by this point, go check it out for yourself. The first four seasons are on Netflix and the fifth season will be coming out in spring 2016. You can thank me later.

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