Do you constantly feel the need to nap? Do you like doing things on your own because you are self-sufficient? Do you love to play by yourself or with another person? Do you like climbing? Can you fall asleep anywhere? Are you the type of person that is a night owl? Do any of these characteristics sound like you? If so, you might have been a cat in another life. Here are 10 reasons why you might have characteristics of a cat. Meow meow.

1. You are independent

You don't mind doing things on your own. You are very self-sufficient and like bring alone, by yourself.

2. You love naps

You are the sleeping master! Any chance you get, you prefer to sleep over than going out.

3. You are awake most of the night

Playing is only fun at night when your masters are fast asleep. You would rather be asleep all day and play at night. I mean why not when your vision is better at night in the dark anyways.

4. You have high energy then crash

You have enormous amounts of energy then all of a sudden you are tired and need a little nap. And it keeps going and going.

5. You love climbing and ruining furniture

Wait, you love rock climbing? Climbing trees? Do you love climbing over couches? Are your nails sharp and get stuck in stuff all the time? Perhaps it's because you are secretly a cat.

6. You get spooked easily and are obsessed with shoes

You tend to hear every little thing, whether it be the wind whooshing your blinds, or something rattling I'm your room, you get spooked. You also love shoes and hiding things in them.

7. You love being clean

Your body or should I say fur loves to be fresh and squeaky clean all the time. You constantly are washing your body/hair to be presentable.

8. You hate water

Although you love drinking water, you don't like swimming in it. You may like going in the toilet time from time, but that doesn't mean you like getting completely wet all over.

9. You love food (:

Whether it be in your bowl or another person's bowl, you will take it. You love seafood such as tuna fish, salmon, or shrimp. You may love turkey, chicken, or beef. Also, you may have a sweet tooth for strawberries.

10. You are loveable

Being a cat can be exhausting since you sleep ten or more times a day and play when you aren't sleeping. Although it may be exhausting for yourself, you are very lovable and a little cuddle bug.

Although you didn't know you had characteristics of a cat, now you feel complete to know you may actually be a cat, rather than an actual human being. Now what you do with this information is up to you, but be aware you only have nine lives.