10 Reasons Why Winter Is Awesome

10 Reasons Why Winter Is Awesome

Winter is not so dreary when you think of all of the perks that come with the season!


Winter is on its way! Although the official first day of winter is not until December 21st, it always seems like winter has a hard time waiting to arrive until its "start date." Winter is in the air. We feel the chill. The dark nights are beginning earlier. Sometimes winter can seem a bit bleak with seemingly endless months of bare trees and gray skies and cold weather. But wait! Let's not forget about all of the beauties that come with the season! Sometimes, just a little reminder is needed to get us excited and happy again!

1. Sweater Weather!

Okay, come on, everybody loves sweaters! They are cozy and warm, and plus, they look really nice, too. Get out those sweaters and enjoy the time you get to wear them! Before you know it, you'll be putting them away again for next year!

2. Warm Drinks

Pumpkin spice, caramel macchiato, peppermint mocha, white hot chocolate...the list continues. This chilly season ushers in a plethora of tasty signature drinks with it. Few things are as cozy and comforting as curling up on the couch with a warm blanket and some hot tea or cocoa.

3. The Holidays

The holidays bring a sense of nostalgia that warms the heart. It is a time to remember the past with sweet sentiments, as well as to add new memories of special times spent with family and friends.

4. The Aesthetics

Much of winter time consists of beautiful decorations. Lights are strewn about on houses, trees, and city streets. Store windows are decked out with themed "winter wonderland" displays. Back at home, the garland hangs about on the mantle and a warm scented candle burns to diffuse the scent of pine, cinnamon, or gingerbread throughout the house.

5. Warm Fires!

The crackle and pop of the fire alone is so relaxing. What a luxury it is to sit beside the warm fire with a nice blanket and book to cozy-up on a cold winter night.

6. Snow!

Even if adventuring out into the winter wonderland is not your cup of tea, you can most certainly enjoy the beauty of the crystalized world from afar. How beautiful it is to observe the still world, silenced by a covering of snow, and glimmering in ice-covered decadence!

7. Ice Skating

Most people can't go ice skating year-round. This is the special time to do it! It is a great activity to do with friends, family, or for a nice date.

8. Skiing/Snowboarding

Once it's cold enough, the slopes open up and are ready for skiers and snowboarders! This is the season for carving up the slopes!

9. Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a fun activity, which of course is only around when there's ice. So get out there before the ice melts!

10. Snow Days!

Everyone loves a free day off now and then. Snow can give you those nice days when school gets canceled or you can't go to work!

Enjoy the winter weather and appreciate all the season brings! Before you know it, you'll have to wait for next year!

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