10 Reasons Why Interracial Couples Are Winning At Life
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10 Reasons Why Interracial Couples Are Winning At Life

You get the best of both worlds.

10 Reasons Why Interracial Couples Are Winning At Life
Lindsay Deschamps

The famous Hannah Montana once said, “You get the best of both worlds”. I’m meaning by that phrase dating outside your race is the best. I’m not saying I hate my race or anything just I always like to date outside my race , something different you know? Also, the most people beautiful came from mix race parents I mean hello have you seen Dr.Avery from Grey's Anatomy? Talk about flawless. Also, you're making America great with your interracial relationship so that Trump! Here are some 10 reasons why interracial relationships are the best.

1. You are constantly learning.

When you are dating someone from a different race it exposes you from his or her culture. You learn about their traditions, just eating their delicious food, and also the very important you’re spending time with someone you love.

2. The most important your kids would look beautiful.

I mean hey look at Jesse Williams, Miguel, Vanessa Hudgens, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mariah Carey, and North West the all turn out beautiful.

3. The fun part is pissing off racist people.

Even though it is 2016 racism still is happening and people don’t like seeing other people dating a different race. Jealous people don’t like seeing other people happy so keep doing you. Besides as Taylor Swift says “haters going to hate so shake it off”.

4. Imagine all the #relationshipgoals and opportunities you’ll have on your Instagram.

5. According to research you are making the world a better place.

Mic did research saying interracial relationship are now normalized the practice for others and even helping people they're close to getting over their own prejudices. So YAY WHERE MAKING CHANGE.

6. Being expose to new ways of thinking.

7. Love doesn’t see the color of your skin but through the pigment of your heart.

I mean love is love right?.

8. When you and your significant another squad hangout it’s like bring two worlds collide.

9. It gives you a new perspective of life.

Even thought you might new your partner for a long time, it means your boyfriend or girlfriend most likely had a different experience than you.

10. You’re in a relationship with someone you love and respect.

I saved the best one for last because being in an interracial relationship not that much different from being in a relationship. They celebrate their partner's wins and losses, argue who didn’t put the toilet seat up. There just like the rest of us. Interracial couples god bless you.

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