10 Reasons Why Bobby Hurley Will Turn Around ASU Basketball
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10 Reasons Why Bobby Hurley Will Turn Around ASU Basketball

10 Reasons Why Bobby Hurley Will Turn Around ASU Basketball
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The future of Arizona basketball is directly correlated with the past of their new head basketball coach. The upbringing of Bobby Hurley molded him into the character that this team desperately needs. While the formula for victory can ultimately be translated into wins and losses, the beginning of that path starts with the right head coach at the helm. Through all of his training, experience, and dedication to the game, Bobby Hurley is a workman that has tirelessly sculpted himself into a winner. Here are the reasons why:

1. Bobby Hurley was coached the right way at an early age. Going through the high school basketball system is a rigorous journey that weeds out the week and gives the talented a chance to prove it right from the start. This is magnified even more by the fact that Hurley's high school team was coached directly by his father. Having your own flesh and blood critique your every move, your every step, your every shot is a demanding burden to bear. But Hurley took the challenge head on and trudged along.

2. He was recruited by one of the most elite college powerhouse programs in the country. Duke basketball has produced numerous national championships, bred successful NBA prodigies, and set up the formula for winning time and time again. With Mike Kzyzewski taking the reigns, fundamentals were infused into the training of NBA caliber athletes.

3. He played with Christian Laettner. If you have ever seen the ESPN 30 for 30: I Hate Christian Laettner, you would understand how taxing playing with a player like Laettner would be. He constantly demanded success. He was an egomaniac of sorts who would command the attention of teammates and opponents alike. He antagonized anyone who stepped on the court with him. And Bobby Hurley was his right-hand man. Constantly having to manage the persona of Laettner proved his ability to deal with pressure situations.

4. He played the position the position that was at the point of attack on both sides of the ball. Playing point guard requires a complete mindset with the understanding of how to facilitate the offense as well as to command the defense. That much responsibility would be hard to delegate for some. But Hurley handled with ease as he took it in stride.

5. He holds the NCAA record for all-time assists. With so much of the college game morphing into a microcosm of 1 on 1 play and isolation basketball, it is a refreshing change of pace to see someone who brings a team-first mentality to an organization. Not only does this mindset help to build a dynamic team in college, it translates to producing NBA ready players.

6. He is a winner. The man went to the Final Four three times during his college career. And he won two National Championships. To clarify, he won two back-to-back National Championships. If you achieve success, you will breed success.

7. He has made it to the professional level. No matter what success you have in college, nothing is guaranteed past that level. Bobby Hurley utilized his college career in order to take the next step in his basketball life as it culminated into being a top-10 overall draft pick in the 1993 NBA Draft.

8. He has been through his share of struggles. Hurley was involved in a life-threatening car accident in the middle of his rookie season. Many were unsure if he would survive, let alone walk again. Yet, Hurley's superior conditioning allowed him to not only carry on through the accident but continue to thrive in the NBA for additional playing seasons.

9. He has made a commitment to recruit nationally. In the recent history of ASU basketball, former coach Herb Sendek was only able to seek out local talent. Yet, an early point of emphasis for Hurley was to reach out to athletes from across the country. This greater reach for talent will allow ASU to leverage their success against competing teams within the PAC 12.

10. He has proven to be a turn-around specialist. In two brief seasons with the collegiate Buffalo Bulls, he guided them to an NCAA appearance. This is Buffalo we are talking about. If Hurley can guide that team to the NCAA promised land, imagine the magic he can work for ASU.

Despite recent letdowns that ASU Basketball has produced, look for Bobby Hurley to recreate the success that he has been brought up with in order to lead the Sun Devils to future success come March.

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