10 Reasons Why All College Students Should Have a Puppy

Research has already shown that dogs have the ability to help improve the quality of life for people who are aging or those who are chronically ill, but researchers recently found that many college students may also benefit from owning a dog.

So to all my fellow college students with puppy love this one is for you. Going to see puppies is almost a weekly event in college, it's essential to keeping us sane during tough weeks filled with tests and tons of homework.

Puppies really are our cure all for college stress and in my opinion, we all deserve to have one. We might not think of college students as being lonely, but a lot of freshman and sophomores are in transition from living at home to living in dorms and with college being a very stressful environment, sometimes we can feel isolated or overwhelmed with the change and it's actually scientifically proven that puppies can help us through difficult times.

So mom I know your reading this, can I have a puppy?

1. Stress Relief

Obviously as studies show puppies actually have the ability to eliminate stress, and I totally believe it. I mean how could you be sad looking at their cute little faces!

2. Your #1 friend

The friendship and bond you create with a puppy is unlike any other. They will always be there for you no matter what with zero judgment.

3. Constant Love

Who needs a boyfriend/girlfriend a puppy is all you need.

4. Responsibility, check.

Puppies are definitely not all fun and games. Yes they are great when you need a buddy but they also are the biggest responsibility and thats a great lesson to be taught especially since were technically adults now.

5. Budgeting money, check.

Not only do you learn responsibility from having a puppy but you learn how to budget your money in order to take care of it. A dog is a huge expense and learning how to responsibility take care of an animal while budgeting your money are two very important skills.

6.Great Listeners

A puppy is always there to listen to you. You can literally vent to your puppy and although they can't talk back, being a good listener is the best quality of a puppy.

7. Netflix and Cuddle?

Proven by dog owners everywhere, they are the best at cuddling. How cute would it be If we had puppies to netflix with instead of other people.

8. Healthy Inside and Out

Not only do puppies benefit you mentally but having to walk them constantly will help keep you physically fit as well.

9. Bored No More

I mean yes we are colleges students and we are pretty busy but sometimes when we do have down time we get bored, but have no a fear with a puppy you will never be bored again.

10. Always a Good Laugh

When it comes down to it being a pet owner is honestly one of the most rewarding feelings and they are always there for you whenever you need a good laugh or smile. A puppy hug a day keeps the doctor away.

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