10 Reasons Why You NEED To Travel To Alaska
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10 Reasons Why You NEED To Travel To Alaska

The "Last Frontier" should not be the last thing on your travel bucket list.

10 Reasons Why You NEED To Travel To Alaska
Sydney Schmidt

The United States contains hundreds of desirable destinations such as New York City, Orlando, or Los Angeles. However, there is a new American destination that has travelers worldwide flooding to it: Alaska. Every year, Alaska is growing as a more popular tourist destination. Alaska has more to offer than many usual destinations, and that is the reason you NEED to go there ASAP.

1. The beauty

I have been to some of the most beautiful places around the world, but none of them has been as beautiful as Alaska. There is an untouched beauty that surrounds Alaska, whether in a "big city" such as Anchorage or a desolate National Park such as Denali. You could spend hours just looking at the beautiful glaciers, forests, and mountains Alaska has to offer; and you probably will.

2. The wildlife

I was blown away by the amount of animals I saw in Alaska. Even in Anchorage when you are not looking for wildlife, you could watch a moose casually walk across your bike trail. Then when you actually go looking for wildlife, such as going on a whale watching tour, you are blown away by the massiveness of these beautiful creatures as their tails swing into the air before going for a long dive. And who could forget the bald eagles? They are everywhere!

3. The people

Coming from the south, I never thought that I would be blown away by the hospitality of the Alaskan people, but I was SO wrong. Every person I met seemed so genuinely enthused about where they live and wanted to share a part of their home with you.

4. The culture

Alaskan culture and tradition is so different than the majority of the United States that it is almost unbelievable that we are all apart of the same country. Tribes and clans are still very apparent in Alaskan culture, and individuals are still expected to marry someone of the other Crow system (an eagle must marry a raven and vice versa) to avoid inbreeding and ensure a healthy marriage .

5. The adventure

Alaska should be considered the adventure capital of the United States for all the thrilling activities it offers. There are thrilling activities of moderate nature such as dog-sledding or hiking to a glacier, and also high intense thrills such as riding the longest zip-rider in the world or taking a seaplane to a remote island. No matter if you are a rookie adventurist or a veteran, Alaska has something to offer everyone.

6. The quaintness

When you are done going on a thrilling adventure, you can return to marvel at the quaint towns of Alaska. The downtown of Juneau, the capital of Alaska, looks like it came straight from the 1940s. No high rises or skyscrapers ruin this view: it is all local mom and pop general stores and small eateries. In one city we visited, the tour guide said of the one general store in the town, "if they don't have it, you don't need it".

7. The food

Okay, let me begin this by saying that I am no foodie and I generally like all food that is given to me. BUT, I thought the food in Alaska was phenomenal, especially the seafood. Of course, Alaska is known for it's salmon, but I also had very great crab and halibut. Even if you are not a fan of seafood, I had many great steaks and my vegan friend had "the best vegan pizza she has ever had" in Anchorage.

8. The misconceptions

Many people think Alaska is just an icy wasteland, but that is so far from the truth. There are so many misconceptions about the Alaskan people and culture (I'm looking at you "Alaskan Bush People" and "Deadliest Catch") that you cannot even begin to rectify without traveling here. And maybe I am just stupid but glaciers and icebergs are not AT ALL the same thing, thank you Alaska for teaching me the difference.

9. The weather

No, it doesn't snow in Alaska year-round. The summers are actually perfect temperature with many areas getting into the high 60s. In one city, I was actually HOT and I'm from Florida! And from what I heard about the winters, there are many cities in southern Alaska that usually average around low 30s, WHICH IS NOT BAD AT ALL.

10. The experience

There is absolutely no place like Alaska. Maybe right now Alaska is the new "fad", but this is one fad I can actually stand behind. If you have the means and even the slightest interest, I would recommend Alaska as your next big summer vacation.

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