10 Reasons To Travel The World

10 Reasons To Travel The World

Sometimes it's just nice to get away.


Have you ever heard someone come back from traveling the world and say "Wow, I wish i just stayed home, my trip was boring." NO! It simply doesn't happen. Everyone loves to travel and if you think otherwise, here are 10 reasons why you should broaden your horizons?

1. Scenery/Nature

Aren't you bored of the same trees, the same bushes, the same roads? It's time to see new trees, new bushes, new roads!

2. Food

Trying new food has to be one of the most exciting (or, if you're like me, scariest) experiences EVER. Realizing you are absolutely in love with the new food? AMAZING!

3. New views

Growing up in the United States, we are privy to a very unique culture that does not exist anywhere else. Traveling to other countries makes you realize just how different the world is.

4. Understanding of other cultures

Other cultures are vastly different than our own- for example, in India, cows are considered sacred and would never in a million years be used for food. In America, most people eat cows every day.

5. Adventure

You can do things you've never done before! You can go mountain-climbing for your first time, you can visit historical castles, you can do just about anything!

6. Reflection on own Life

Most people living in the United States enjoy a privilege quite unlike anywhere else in the world. Traveling to impoverished countries really helps us realize the privilege that we have by living in the "Land of the Free".

7. Finding the unknown

There are so many parts of this Earth that have yet to be found- go find one!

8. Life is short

You never know when your last trip will be your last.

9. Personal growth

Sometimes you just need an escape from everything so you can find yourself.


Let's be real, sometimes it's just fun to get away!

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